Damp and humid air

Damp, Humid Air

There are many ways in which water can enter your basement, and cause problems to your foundations and home. In order to prevent any long term damage, it is advisable to look out for possible warning signs that can tell you when your basement is damp.

One of the best clues you have, is to follow your nose, and take note of when the air smells and feels damp and humid. When the air is noticeably humid, this is a sure sign that too much water is in your basement, suggesting a leak through a certain point of entry, or a damp problem of some sort.

What To Look Out For?

You might first notice the smell if the air in your basement is damp and humid. There will be a heavy pungent smell, accompanied by a feeling of the air being thicker than it should be. Damp often encourages the growth of mold and mildew, and this may hand in the air is a particularly unpleasant smell.

If you notice that they air in your basement is of bad quality, you can look around for the visual signs of basement leaks, such as rotting materials, damp patches on the walls, points of entry where water is leaking through, and cracks in the floor and foundations. Look around to try to identify the problem.

Damp and humid air

Why Does This Happen?

When the air in your basement is damp and humid, it suggests that water is somehow getting into the interior of your home. This is not good news. Rainwater can enter your home if there are vulnerable points for water to find its way in, or if water pools against the outside of your property. Hydrostatic pressure can also cause groundwater to come in through foundation walls and floors.

If water is finding its way into your home for any of these reasons, then there is usually something that your home needs in order to provide proper protection against water, whether it be drainage, or waterproofing for the walls.

Damp and humid air

What Solutions Are Available?

If you notice that the air in your basement is damp and humid, then there are some home solutions that you can employ that can offer temporary relief. You may, for example, use a dehumidifier in order to lower the humidity levels in the room. Air ventilation can also achieve a similar effect.

Real solutions can only come about if the actual problem is solved. You need to identify how damp and water is entering your basement, and then do something about it. This is where professional help is usually a good call.

Direct Waterproofing provide a full range of foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in Ontario, and have over 25 years experience making people’s homes warm and dry again. We can identify the cause of the damp air, and employ expert solutions to make sure your basement damp never returns.

Our solutions include proper drainage to carry water away from your home and stop it from pooling. We also work with top grade waterproofing materials to provide interior or exterior waterproofing for your foundation walls, in order to ensure water never reaches your basement and causes problems in your home.


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