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Welcome to our website. At Direct Waterproofing, we have been offering unparalleled waterproofing services for more than 25 years. Our mission is to keep water away from your basement. We are insured and offer affordable wet basement waterproofing services in Waterdown.

Top Basement Waterproofing Services in Waterdown

Water can get into the basement in many ways. When this happens, and the issue is not resolved, significant damage can occur. If you have been dealing with water in the basement, we are here to help. At Direct Waterproofing, we are experts in both exterior and interior waterproofing. We have been offering basement waterproofing services in Waterdown for more than 25 years. As a fully licensed waterproofing company, we only work with an in-house team of certified professionals. Our nearly three decades of experience make us better equipped and skilled to handle any waterproofing project. We are always happy to share our expertise with you and answer any questions you might have. Our priority when you contact us is to know you better and understand your plight. We will then give you a detailed estimate. Don’t let the water in your basement rob you of sleep. We have been evolving to offer the best services. Our services include the latest materials, equipment and strategies. You can always count on the best solutions.

Our Basement Waterproofing Services in Waterdown

We offer a wide range of waterproofing solutions in Waterdown. Irrespective of the problem you have, our team can identify the root cause and offer the best solution. Our commitment is to ensure the basement remains permanently dry. Below are some of our waterproofing services.

Foundation and basement leaks can cause expensive damage to the structural integrity of your property. Leaks can also cause health problems. We provide a full range of exterior waterproofing services in Waterdown. At Direct Waterproofing, we offer professional services designed to protect the basement and foundation of your building from moisture damage and water intrusion. We achieve this by using a combination of high-quality waterproofing materials and tested techniques. We start by excavating the soil around your building before applying a waterproofing membrane to create an impenetrable water barrier. Best of all, our services are competitively priced and offered by an in-house team of certified professionals. Exterior waterproofing is the best preventive and restorative measure to guarantee a dry building.
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The process of interior waterproofing focuses on implementing solutions that keep water and moisture from getting into your home. Our approach focuses on managing the water that gets into your basement by directing it away. This is done by installing innovative interior drainage systems, which include sump pumps and French drains. Our interior waterproofing solutions are designed to effectively eliminate the risk of mould, dampness and other forms of water damage from your building. Our in-house team can install full interior wall waterproofing for new constructions as well as during remodels. We are here to guarantee your structure remains dry and functional for years. We do all this without charging you a fortune. Contact us today for a consultation.
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Emergency waterproofing services are crucial when you need immediate help solving a water problem in your building. The service is important because water problems can start when you least expect them. The issue may be caused by a burst pipe, heavy rain or water from outside finding its way inside. When this happens, you can count on us to resolve the issue fast and without breaking the bank. Our emergency waterproofing services at Direct Waterproofing involve the rapid deployment of our expert team to safeguard your home from water damage. You can call us at any time of day or year, and we will offer the skills and equipment you need to resolve any emergency situation.
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The backwater valve allows sewage and water to flow in one direction - out of the building. It is an important part of basement waterproofing. If it is damaged or missing, you may start dealing with numerous cases of water damage as water will keep flowing back into your building, especially when there is a sewer backup or heavy downpour. Our team is happy to help with the installation and maintenance of the backwater valve. We always start by performing a thorough assessment of your building's layout to determine the best location for this crucial valve. We then install the valve in the main sewer line. Whether you need the valve during construction or when remodelling, we've got you covered. We only use high-quality backwater valves from reputable manufacturers.
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When it comes to basement waterproofing, foundation repairs are crucial. The repairs address underlying structural problems that cause water seepage. When you contact us, we first assess your foundation to check for issues that may compromise stability. Several techniques are used in foundation repair, ranging from crack injection to wall reinforcement. It is only by addressing foundation issues that you can guarantee long-term integrity as well as the functionality of your basement. Foundation repairs will prevent water infiltration and costly structural damage. Our foundation repair services will not only keep your home dry but also reinforce your entire structure. Our team has experience working on all manner of foundation repairs. There is no project that is too small or too sophisticated for us.
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When you wish to expand your living space, the basement offers the perfect starting point. Our basement lowering solutions will increase the height of your basement to make it more habitable. Our basement lowering solution includes bench footings and underpinning. Throughout the process, our team pays attention to the structural integrity of your building. We may have to reinforce the foundation and the walls to improve stability. Our basement-lowering process also focuses on addressing water-related problems. We focus on water damage prevention and efficient ventilation to guarantee comfort and habitability. At the end of the project, you can count on a beautiful basement space that is not only comfortable but also free of any water and moisture problems.
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Have you been dealing with water accumulation around the foundation? This problem can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your building as well as cause basement flooding. Our innovative weeping tile installation can prevent this problem. Our team will start by digging a trench around the perimeter of your basement. We will then install weeping tiles whose purpose is to collect water and direct it to the sump pump or the drainage system. This helps prevent basement flooding and water damage effectively. The installation of weeping tiles is crucial to basement waterproofing. The solution will not only keep your basement dry but also protect the foundation from structural issues caused by water and moisture buildup.
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When it comes to keeping the basement and the windows dry, the window wells play a crucial role. The good thing is that at Direct Waterproofing, we are experts in window well installation. We use solutions that are constructed using high-quality materials and designed to effectively prevent water seepage. Our window well solutions will facilitate proper drainage while preventing water accumulation in the windows. The systems have a small slope, which directs water into the drainage system. It is good to note that window wells offer protection against soil pressure, which is a leading cause of leaks and cracks. Our team has handled countless projects involving window well installation in and around Waterdown. We are happy to help with the maintenance, replacement and unclogging of your window wells.
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Poor water diversion away from your property can wreak havoc not only in your basement but also in your yard. We are specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of French drains. French drains are basically perforated pipes that are covered in gravel. They are installed around the perimeter of a building to collect groundwater and redirect it toward the drainage system or the sump pump. They intercept excess water before it gets to your basement and foundation. The system also reduces hydrostatic pressure, which, in turn, prevents water seepage. French drains are a very efficient system for keeping your structure and yard dry. You can always trust us to offer the best French drain solutions in and around Waterdown.
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The sump pump is the best investment when you want to effectively manage basement water retention. The sump pump works by channelling water out of the basement. Our in-house team has years of experience professionally installing, repairing and maintaining sump pumps. During the installation, a pit will be dug at the lowest point of your basement to collect excess water. A sump pump will then be installed to pump the water from the pit. The sump pump has a sensor, which means it only activates when water in the pit gets to a certain level. The sump pump is integrated into the drainage system.
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A battery backup pump ensures there is uninterrupted water damage protection in your basement. The battery backup pump activates when there is a power outage. With the help of battery power, the sump pump will operate even when there are electrical power disruptions. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your basement is fully protected from flooding even when the power goes out. We offer the best solutions in battery backup pump installation in Waterdown to guarantee a dependable solution for keeping your basement dry. Contact us now, and let's discuss your options.
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Sewage backflows are not only highly unpleasant but can also cause significant damage to your property. You can prevent sewage backflows by installing a backflow preventer. We specialize in the installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of backflow preventers. With our backflow preventers’ installation, you can trust that flooding caused by backflows will be a thing of the past and that your home will be kept safe from potential hazards.
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Clogged drains can disrupt your entire plumbing system and cause serious damage to your property. This is why we offer effective solutions for clogged drains. We use advanced tools and techniques to get rid of clogs efficiently. Whether in your sewer line or the main line, we will unclog it for you. Our mission is to keep your plumbing system working perfectly.
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The sewer drain carries the wastewater from your property into the underground sewer mains. It is a crucial component of your plumbing system, and when it is not working properly, it can disrupt the entire system. When your sewer drain needs cleaning, we can help. We only use the best techniques and equipment to get the work done fast and perfectly.
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What Are the Benefits of Waterproofing Services?

The major benefits of waterproofing your property include the following:


The proverb “prevention is better than cure” has never been more true than when dealing with water damage. Although it may seem like a complete waste of time and money, investing in preventive measures is the key to avoiding thousands of dollars in water damage. Having the best interior and exterior waterproofing will guarantee that water damage is always kept at bay, irrespective of how heavy a downpour is. Our in-house team is experienced and skilled to offer the best preventive solutions. We will guarantee that your home remains permanently dry irrespective of the season.


We are committed to putting an end to the pain of having to check the basement every few hours to make sure there is no flooding during the rainy season. When you hire us for interior and exterior waterproofing in Waterdown, you can say goodbye to flooding resulting from sewage backflow and water seepage. At Direct Waterproofing, we are thorough. We ensure no aspect of waterproofing is overlooked and only the best materials are used.


While water is life, when it is mismanaged, it can cause havoc. This is more so when it seeps into your foundation or makes its way into your basement. Leaks and damp patches can quickly turn your home into your worst nightmare. Repairing water damage is not only expensive but can cause health issues and compromise the structural integrity of your building. This is more so if the problem is not fixed fast.


At Direct Waterproofing, we are committed to offering a full range of interior and exterior waterproofing services in Waterdown and delivering the highest quality services. We want you to count on us whenever you have a home improvement project. That is why our services go beyond waterproofing. You can hire us for basement lowering, drainage system installation, repair and maintenance, foundation repair and more. Our primary mission is to keep your home free from dampness, leaks, mould and other forms of water damage. Give us a call for a free consultation.

When Do You Need Basement Waterproofing Services in Waterdown?

The first sign that you need the help of an expert in assessing waterproofing problems is when you notice a leaky or damp basement. The truth is that waterproofing problems will not go away on their own. At Direct Waterproofing, we are committed to keeping basements dry and homes in and around Waterdown protected from any form of water damage.

Even with minor issues, when the basement is damp, it will become useless. You can neither live in it nor store anything in it. If not treated on time, problems in a wet basement may spread to the rest of your property. Dampness can even cause structural problems and damage to the foundation.

Why Choose Direct Waterproofing for Basement Waterproofing in Waterdown?

The best thing about working with us is that we offer personalized basement waterproofing in Waterdown and the surrounding areas. In every project we tackle, our aim is always to make a building as healthy and comfortable as possible. We also go the extra mile to make sure basement waterproofing in Waterdown adapts to the specific needs and budgets of our clients. Having been in the waterproofing business for nearly three decades, you can count on the work being done right the first time. You will also benefit from our warranty of up to 25 years on every project we complete. Contact us now for a free consultation. We are happy to listen to you and offer a tailored solution.

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Why Hire Direct Waterproofing?

Best Experts in Interior and Exterior Waterproofing in Waterdown
Our guarantee on every project we work on is top quality in foundation repair and waterproofing services in Waterdown.
We are a team of highly qualified technicians with more than 25 years of experience offering quality waterproofing services.
We serve both residential and commercial property owners in and around Waterdown.
Our exceptional waterproofing services are quite affordable. We care about your budget.
We get things done right because we only use an in-house team that is skilled, experienced and licensed.
We are committed to your complete satisfaction. What's more, we offer a 25-year warranty on our work.
Our job is to ensure we source materials from reputable suppliers and guarantee the materials meet all necessary standards.
Our emergency services are available round the clock, irrespective of the time of year. Just give us a call.