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Welcome to Direct Waterproofing serving Lincoln. We have over 25 years of experience keeping Lincoln basements dry. We are an insured company with certified experts providing cost-effective wet basement waterproofing services in Lincoln.

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Water damage in your basement can cause structural damage to the foundation. The moisture makes the basement musty, mouldy, and damp, which can damage metallic, paper, and wooden objects and cause health problems. You should seek professional help the moment you notice moisture issues in your basement.

At Direct Waterproofing, we have what it takes to keep your basement dry. Once you call us, we will investigate the cause of the problem and then come up with a customized solution just for you. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced and have the relevant certifications. With over 25 years in the industry, we understand Lincoln, ON climate and the relevant laws. We offer a comprehensive range of services for both interior and exterior waterproofing. We use industry-leading materials and cutting-edge techniques for long-lasting results. Our services are backed up by up to 25-year workmanship warranty.

Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing Services in Lincoln

At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of exterior and interior waterproofing services, priced competitively, and professionally installed by our highly qualified experts.

If your basement is too humid, musty, and unpleasant, you need immediate interior waterproofing. Interior waterproofing helps resolve issues like interior condensation, cracked foundation walls, groundwater problems, and leaky pipes. Interior waterproofing is less labour-intensive and less expensive compared to exterior waterproofing, but it is just as important. You should ask for professional help in interior waterproofing the moment you notice moisture in your basement. For example, if you start experiencing mould and mildew growth, you notice a musty smell, paint starts peeling off the walls, and you see efflorescence signs. We will create a customized interior waterproofing solution based on your specific needs. This involves the use of waterproofing material on the basement walls to keep water away and the installation of an efficient drainage system to channel water away.
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While interior waterproofing focuses on eliminating minor water-related problems on the inside of your basement through the application of waterproofing material and enhancing drainage, exterior waterproofing focuses on the exterior to fix the root of the problem. It involves excavating to expose the foundation and the application of waterproofing material. When water comes into contact with this waterproofing material, it is dispersed away from the foundation. When you hire us, we will inspect the perimeter of the property, ensure that the slope is okay, check if there is water pooling, and ensure the gutters and downspouts are not causing water problems. We will then fix the issues we notice even as we apply waterproofing material around the foundation.
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Common causes of basement water damage emergencies are extreme weather, sewage backup through the pipes, appliances like washing machines and toilets going faulty and overflowing, and burst or leaking pipes. Basement emergencies cannot be postponed as the resulting water damage can cause untold damage to the structure, paper, wooden, and metallic items in the basement. The longer you take to sort out basement water damage emergencies, the more expensive the exercise will be. At Direct Waterproofing, we offer emergency waterproofing services around the clock. Our team is on standby with the relevant waterproofing material, tools, and equipment to ensure you do not have to wait until morning to fix the problem.
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Backwater valves, also called backflow valves, prevent contaminated water from flowing back into your home. The valves allow sewer water to leave your building, but they sense when it is coming in the opposite direction and close, preventing potential flooding. Sewer backup is expensive, causes damage, and makes a home uninhabitable. Our team will help you avoid such risks by installing a high-quality backwater valve. We do new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. We will help you with such aspects of the project as permit acquisition and clean-up. We carry out necessary tests after the job to ensure everything is working as it should.
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You should fix foundation leaks and cracks immediately after you notice them, even when they look small, as they could be the tip of the iceberg. Cracks and leaks in the foundation are common due to poor drainage, poor foundation construction, excessive vibration (such as from nearby machinery or traffic), roots from large trees, or soil that is poorly compacted. Our team has the relevant geotechnical expertise to ensure that your foundation is free from all defects that would compromise the stability of your home and cause leaks. Different foundations require different approaches. We do everything from installing large soil nails to crack repair, depending on the problem.
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Basement lowering is sometimes necessary to create extra working or living space out of your crawl space or basement. As the term suggests, it involves the creation of space to give your basement some extra height and to make it more habitable. The most common ways of achieving this are underpinning, which involves digging under the foundation to create a new one, crawl space conversion to make it more functional, and benching, where a new foundation is installed to overlap the existing one. A combination of underpinning and benching is also popular. At Direct Waterproofing, our team is experienced in all basement-lowering techniques.
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You should install weeping tiles and ensure they are in a good state of repair because they play an important role in collecting and diverting water away from your foundation and preventing moisture build-up. This helps prevent structural problems and keeps mould and mildew away. Our team has the experience necessary to install weeping tiles that will last for years. The process begins with careful excavation of the area around your foundation. We will then place the drain pipes (weeping tiles), do fibre fabric installation to prevent clogging, and backfill with gravel, ensuring there is a gentle slope for water to flow away from your property.
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Window wells divert water away from your home's foundation, keeping the basement dry and the foundation structurally sound. Window wells also improve ventilation in your basement and bring more natural light, among other benefits. If your window wells are not working as they should, we will assess them and deal with the source of the problem. Common causes of window well problems are well blockage/clogging, poor drainage, degenerating windows, and poor installation. If you do not have window wells installed, our team has the training, experience, and tools needed for the job. Other than installing the window wells, we will also do basement waterproofing to ensure water damage is a thing of the past.
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French drains help channel water away from your property. They are installed in trenches and utilize gravity to carry water to lower ground. Once the pipe is laid, it is covered with gravel and landscaping fabric. Where the property is already at low ground, a sump pump is used. French drains are important because excess water can cause foundation cracks or displace surrounding soil, compromising the structural integrity of your home. The subsurface installation of French drains also means they siphon excess water from the earth. French drain installation and repair should be done by a professional, given the potential impact of pooling water on your foundation. At Direct Waterproofing, we use the best quality materials in French drain installation and back up our projects with material and craftsmanship warranties.
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All properties that have a basement require sump pumps. Sump pumps help channel water away from your property, helping you reduce the risk of flooding and water damage. You should install a sump pump if water starts pooling around your basement. Sump pumps are either battery-powered or water-powered and can be submersible or pedestal. The basic operation is that they pump water from the sump pit or basin to a designated point, such as a pond or a creek (as per local government regulations). The sump pump detects elevating water levels and water pressure and starts pumping when they reach the set threshold. If this switch is unable to properly detect water levels in the pit or basin, you need immediate professional support. At Direct Waterproofing, we have been servicing and installing sump pumps for over 25 years.
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Picture this. It is raining heavily, water starts pooling around your basement, and electricity goes off, affecting your sump pump. This would be a fairly common scenario in Lincoln, ON, were it not for battery backup pumps. As the term suggests, battery backup pumps provide much-needed backup power to the sump pump in such scenarios. You should get the sump pump battery backup if your area experiences frequent blackouts and you do not have a backup generator. The kit is more compact compared to the sump pump and consists of the pump, a charger, some extra piping, and a battery. Hiring the team at Direct Waterproofing to install your battery backup pump not only offers convenience but also ensures the pump is well-installed for efficient operation, and it ensures you do not void the kit's warranty.
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Backflow happens when the mains water line pressure drops significantly, causing wastewater to rush back down the mains pipe. For example, stagnant water in the shower or wastewater in the dishwasher could rush back and contaminate the main water supply. To prevent backflow, backflow prevention valves are installed. Another option is establishing an air gap between the faucets and the plumbing system. At Direct Waterproofing, we understand the risk posed by backflow. Our backflow prevention solutions ensure minimal risk from backflow. Other than installation, we also do backflow valve repair, replacement, and testing for both residential and commercial customers.
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Clogging is a common problem in Lincoln, ON homes and commercial buildings. The most common causes of clogs are tree roots, grease down the kitchen drain, mineral build-up (if your home gets hard water), soap scum, and trash. Clogging not only makes your plumbing unusable, but it could also lead to bursts or cracked drains and health problems. You should, therefore, enlist the services of a professional the moment you notice signs of clogged drains. Common signs to look out for are slow sink drains that leave an unsightly film, backed-up fixtures, foul sewage smell, and a musty and mouldy smell from the bathtub or sink. Other common signs are pests in the pipes, standing water around your dishwasher or laundry machine, and air bubbles or gurgling sounds near the sink drain. At Direct Waterproofing, we have different plumber's snakes for the job. We also use hydrojetting and other cleaning methods when drain snaking does not work.
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The sewer drain is an important part of your drainage system. It carries waste water away from the property and into the designated area as per local authority regulations (usually the underground sewer mains). Clogging can occur on your sewer drain. Common signs of clogging are wastewater backflow into the basement, a strange gurgling sound, a clogged toilet or drain, and slow draining of the sink or bath. To avoid sewer drain clogging, avoid pouring grease and debris like sanitary towels down the drain. Other common causes of sewer drain clogging are pipe damage due to corrosion, shifting soil, increased foot or vehicle traffic, leaking joints, sagging sewer lines due to soil conditions, and infiltration by tree roots. However, no matter how careful you are, clogging will still occur from time to time. At Direct Waterproofing, we have experienced professionals who have cameras and other tools and the expertise to diagnose the problem and fix it. We use different sewer drain repair and cleaning methods.
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It is Time to Call a Basement Waterproofing Service


It is time to call for basement waterproofing when you start noticing occasional stains on the basement floor or walls, a musty, damp odour, and when you notice efflorescence (white sparkles). A damp basement will also cause metallic items to rust and damage fabrics, paper, and wooden possessions. Our team is experienced in taking preventative measures such as tests and preventive maintenance, so you avoid costly water damage repairs.


When your family starts experiencing unexplainable sickness, the reason could be mould in your basement, and you should deal with this immediately before it turns potentially fatal. Symptoms of mould-related ailments and sicknesses to look out for include headaches, chronic cough, morning joint pains, nausea, fatigue, vision problems, including photo-sensitivity, tingling or numbness of the skin, and abdominal distress like vomiting and diarrhea.


To most Canadians, a house is their biggest investment. When you hire Direct Waterproofing, you will have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected, as is your family. Waterproofing can be time and energy-consuming – hiring us offers unparalleled convenience. You also save money when you hire a pro since you will not need to buy the tools, equipment, and safety gear required for the job.

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Why Choose Direct Waterproofing for your Basement Waterproofing Needs?

So, why have we been a top choice for Lincoln clients for basement waterproofing for over 25 years?
We have such faith in the quality of our team's workmanship that we offer a 25-year warranty. This warranty is transferrable should you sell or lease out your property in the future.
We only use the highest quality materials from top North American manufacturers. We understand that the quality of waterproofing depends on the quality of the materials used.
Whatever your waterproofing needs, we have a solution for you. We do everything from interior and exterior waterproofing material application to sump pump installation and servicing, foundation repair and backwater valve installation. We've got you covered throughout the entire process, from helping you get the relevant permits to cleaning up after completing the project.
Our team is highly trained and experienced in the latest waterproofing techniques. We only use certified technicians – this ensures warranties are not void, which helps you avoid problems with your homeowner's insurance provider. We have been in the business for over 25 years, which is a testament to the quality of our solutions.
We are bonded and insured to the tune of $25,000,000. This is important as it means you will not be held liable in case of a mishap on your property.
We serve the Greater Toronto Area. We understand the local regulations as well as the soil and the climate. This local knowledge allows us to serve you better.
Our waterproofing solutions are cost-effective without compromising the quality of the work. We will come up with a customized solution based on your budget.