What are French Drains?

French drains are an effective solution for channeling water away from your home. They utilize weeping tiles, which are perforated pipes used for drainage. These pipes are installed in trenches in the problem area, and easily channel the water away from the building, sometimes aided by a sump pump where required.

French drains are an appropriate method of water control if your basement or yard has a certain area that pools with water. Weeping tiles can also be used as part of a full interior or exterior waterproofing solution.

French Drain Installation Toronto!

French drain installation is a method which can save you from the constant build up of pools of water in your home or yard.

We dig a trench at the low point where the water gathers, and then install the french drain pipe, also known as weeping tile. This is covered by gravel and lined with a landscaping fabric for extra protection and stability.

The water that usually gathers will be fed down through the gravel, and make its way into the piping. The pipe will be cleverly designed to carry the water away from your home. Direct Waterproofing can install french drains on the interior or exterior of your property, depending on what area is affected.

Why Might You Need French Drain Installation?

Whether inside or outside, the purpose of french drain installation is to ensure that surface and groundwater are never left to gather.

The signs of water build up are usually fairly clear. Pools of water gather at low points in your yard, or get trapped in certain areas in your basement. This is unpleasant and can spoil your basement or yard. It can also cause cause more serious damage in the long run. For example if water pools against your foundation walls, cracks and structural damage may follow, leading to even more damp issues.

French drains are a relatively cost effective and extremely beneficial solution that will make sure water is quickly vented away from your home, revealing you of any wet basement or yard problems, and saving you a lot of hassle in the future.