Emergency Waterproofing Toronto

Emergency Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Water damage can come fast, and is usually unexpected. Nobody can predict that a pipe is going to burst, or flood damage happen. Precautions can be taken, but major water damage may still occur, and if it does you will want immediate assistance.

Do not despair! Direct Waterproofing know how daunting it can be when water damage happens, and we operate a 24/7 response that can deal with emergency situations. We offer efficient and professional clean-up and restoration services that can transform your home back to its pre-incident state.

Why Does Water Damage Occur?

There are many reasons why water damage occurs. Pipes can leak or burst, and cause water to come rushing into your home. Appliances such as washing machines, sinks, or toilets could be faulty and overflow. A flood or extreme weather could cause large amounts of water to breach your basement. Sewage can even backup through your pipes in some instances.

All of these leaks and faults can cause varying degrees of water damage, and you will want to get help as soon as possible. Contact Direct Waterproofing for immediate assistance restoring your home.

Water Damage Recovery Services From Direct Waterproofing

We offer a full range of water damage recovery services in Ontario, including water extraction, basement restoration, floor and wall drying, carpet and upholstery cleaning, content drying and cleaning, odor and stain removal, mold inspection and remediation, sewer cleaning, remediation, and more.
Whatever water damage is caused, we can help you to recover.

The Categories Of Water Damage

Water damage can be categorized into three main types, and the treatment that we apply will depend on the type of damage, along with other factors. We can safely deal with any problems within the three categories, which are as follows:
  • Category 1 - White Water

    This is where clean water is being pumped into your home, such as in the case of a broken water supply line, such as a damaged faucet. While we still treat category 1 water damage as serious, it is no immediate harm to your health. However, structural damage and damage to possessions can still occur, and if left untreated white water can become…

  • Category 2 - Grey Water

    Gray water can include white water that has been left for 48 hours, or any waste water that has not come into contact with human waste or nasty chemicals. An example of this is water that is discharged from washing machines or dishwashers. It can cause damage to health, and should be treated immediately. If left untreated it can become…

  • Category 3 - Black Water

    Black water is the most harmful type of water damage, and can occur if gray water is left untreated for 48 hours, or if sewage or chemicals have found their way into your basement. This needs serious professional treatment immediately.