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Backflow is one of the single worst plumbing problems that occur in your home. Backflow is when waste water comes back into your system, and contaminates your potable supply. This can be a serious health risk, and can render your water supply pretty much useless.
Direct Waterproofing are dedicated to providing expert plumbing services in Ontario, and we can install proper backflow prevention in order to fix the problem, and to make sure it never happens again.

How does Backflow Occur?

Water supplies work because there is a certain amount of pressure that enables water to flow around the system effectively, both in and out. It should always remain at a high pressure.

If water pressure is reduced then water can become contaminated by soil or sewage backing up into the supply lines. This can happen if pipes burst, freeze, and if there is a high demand in your water system. Heavy rainfall can also cause backflow issues in certain properties.

However it is caused, you will want to prevent backflow as soon as possible, as it is both unpleasant, and potentially dangerous.

Backflow Prevention

There are several solutions available in order to stop backflow from happening. One of the most popular is an air gap, which is where we create an open space inbetween the faucet and the plumbing system, in order to prevent the risk of any contaminations.

Another way is to install one of several types of backflow prevention device, which feature backflow valve in order to stop water coming back in.

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Backflow Prevention Installation in Toronto

At Direct Waterproofing we offer all manner of backflow prevention service, carried out by our team of highly trained and experienced professionals, who use the best tools and products to achieve perfect results.

If you have a backflow problem occurring right now, and contaminated water is visible in your water supply, then you need to contact us immediately and request emergency backflow solutions.

We recommend that you don’t wait until this happens. We can test your water pressure and contamination risks, install new backflow solutions, maintain and repair old prevention devices, and take any steps needed to leave you with a clean and safe water supply.

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