Main Causes of Wet Basements

Main Causes of Wet Basements

The history of flooding in Canada includes floods caused many natural causes with most home insurance claims in Canada deal with water damage due to sewer back-up, not fire related damage. Muddy basements can be a real problem to manage. But the best action to take when stuck with a wet basement is calling in basement professionals immediately. Dry walls can easily be damaged by excessive moisture in the basement. Not only dry walls, but the carpeting can also be damaged, and framework saturation may follow as a result. You can prevent the situation from getting worse in the future by correcting this problem immediately.

Causes to Look Out For

If you want to protect yourself from a wet basement occurrence, you should understand what the causes of damp basements are. Although, there are several things that cause this mishap, there are a few common reasons why it occurs.

Excessive Condensation

Moisture retention in the basement area can be due to condensation on foundation walls or water pipes. Water damage to carpets, corrosion on appliances, and severe deterioration of the quality of air in your basement can be the result of constant dampness and drip. This problem can be dealt with quickly. What it will only involve is airing out and cleaning up of the basement area, and installing of a dehumidifier. The situation can be properly inspected by a basement waterproofing and wet basement specialist. And the professional can also offer the best advice.

Rain Runoff Mayhem

Although condensation causes wet basement problems inside the home, runoff rain problems do happen when the diversion of rainwater is not adequate or when melted snow that is outside your home gets into the basement area. Rain runoff and seepage issues are the usual causes of most basement repairs. But you can save the situation and prevent this problem from recurring in the future by using a full and thorough basement waterproofing. You should immediately call your local contractors the very moment you discover that runoff is getting into your home.

Ground Water Issues

In some cases, the basement area may seem to remain wet regardless of the weather outside. In a situation like that, there’s a high possibility that your ground water level is high, and this causes the wet basement problem. While there are drying solutions to explore, they will involve several complicated procedures like installations of a sump pump, perimeter drains, and so on. This issue can only be handled adequately by a licensed contractor. In this kind of situation, exterior repair and waterproofing may be your best option. Other options include injections of epoxy crack and polyurethane.


It is also possible that a clogged gutter drain in your roof causes all the water to flow right into your basement area. You can correct this problem by cleaning up the gutters and allowing the downspouts to drain at least 4 feet or so away from the home.

If you are battling with any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Direct Waterproofing – a professional team of basement waterproofing experts.

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