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Expert Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Toronto!

At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of exterior waterproofing services in Ontario, priced competitively, and professionally installed by our team of highly qualified and experienced tradesmen.
Basement or foundation leaks or damp can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property, and can even put your health and well being at risk. Exterior waterproofing is a lifelong solution that prevents water from entering your property. It is the ultimate preventative and restorative measure that guarantees you a dry building.

what is exterior waterproofing?

When your property is subject to floods, damp and mold, or if you want to take preventative measures that will ensure the safety of your home for as long as the building lasts, then exterior waterproofing services are for you.

Direct Waterproofing use high quality materials to ensure that the exterior of your property is substantially waterproofed, all the way from grade to footing. We excavate down to the weeping tile pipe, and then install our powerful solution that stops any water from even touching your foundation walls.

Interior waterproofing provides an economic solution for minor damp problems, but focuses on removing water that is already there. Exterior waterproofing takes a lot more work, and is a more expensive solution, but is one that lasts for life, and is the only way to protect the actual structure of the building.

As well as the method of installing waterproof materials on the exterior of your building, other solutions may also be proposed and implemented if appropriate, including outdoor drainage systems, guttering, foundation crack repair, and whatever is needed to make your home dry and safe. These options will be discussed with you.

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Why Might You Need Exterior Waterproofing?

Damp and wet problems in your basement, or in the foundations of your home, can render a room unusable, damage your property, and ruins the aesthetic value of the affected area. Damp and mold can also cause breathing problems, and are a serious detriment to health if the room is left untreated. You simply do not want damp problems in your home.
Many people wait until there is already a problem before they act. We can more than happily deal with existing damp and wet problems, but we also recommend exterior waterproofing to anyone who’s property does not currently have it. Exterior waterproofing offers a lifelong solution that will protect your home, and which will in itself increase the value of the property.
Whether you have a major damp problem that needs to be dealt with, are starting to see the first signs of damp or mold in your home, or are considering exterior waterproofing as a valuable preventative measure, Direct Waterproofing can ensure a top quality job that solves your problems, and makes your home comfortable and inviting once more.

Personalized ExteriorWaterproofing Services InToronto

At Direct Waterproofing, our 25 years of experience in the trade has taught us many lessons. One of those lessons, is that each client is different, and every property needs a tailored solution in order to maximize the efficiency of the work, while minimizing the costs.
We offer a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. This allows us to discuss your aims and options with you, and to thoroughly examine the damp in your home, in order to understand the problem, along with the solutions available.

During this time we can start to understand what your goals are. Do you want to quickly solve a short term problem such as a leak? Or are you looking for a lifelong solution that will protect your home and increase the value of the property? Would your home benefit from any extras such as outdoor drainage systems?

During the consultation phase we can get an accurate idea of what is causing the damp, and offer a quotation based on the exact circumstances, and the solution that you choose. If you agree, then we begin the exterior waterproofing work as soon as is convenient for you.

Here is the typical procedure for a standard exterior waterproofing application:


    We excavate your foundations down to the weeping tiles.


    Next, your walls are cleaned and powerwashed, and hydraulic cement is applied to fill in any cracks or gaps.


    We then fit the aquabloc, a high quality waterproofing material that will prevent water from finding its way to your foundation walls.


    We apply a yellow jacket, and then another layer of aquabloc for added protection.


    We then apply the delta membrane, a layer of gravel, and we clean up the working area so that it looks better than when we started.


    Any extras such as drainage systems will be fitted as the job is in progress.

Advantages Of Exterior Waterproofing

The advantages of exterior waterproofing are extensive. Exterior waterproofing, though it may require the most work and be more costly than interior alternatives, is the most renowned and approved method for keeping damp and mold out of your home. It is a real solution that tackles the problem at the root, and gives you a comfortable and structural sound home that will be a joy for you to live in.
  • Restore your basement to its former glory, and turn it back into a fully functional and enjoyable space.

  • Restore health of occupants by removing and preventing damp, mold, and mildew.

  • Only solution to fully protect the structural integrity of your property. Recognized by the IBC.

  • Raises the value of your property, and is a major selling point.

  • Offers lifelong protection for your home. No more damp or mold.

  • Actually stops the problem.

Why Choose DirectWaterproofing For Your ExteriorWaterproofing Services InToronto?

At Direct Waterproofing, we have over 25 years of experience dealing with wet basements, damaged foundations, and leaky properties. Our whole team is fully qualified, experienced, and equipped with the best tools, materials, and technology to install the most professional exterior basement waterproofing solutions available in Ontario.
We are privately owned and fully insured, and offer a 25 year full warranty on all of the work that we do for you, so you can live in peace, knowing that your exterior waterproofing is installed, and is designed to last a lifetime.

  • Top quality materials that are guaranteed to fully waterproof your foundations and basement.
  • 25 year warranty on work.
  • Fully qualified tradesmen, with over 25 years experience in exterior waterproofing.
  • Competitive pricing for top quality service.
  • Independent, licensed, and insured.
  • Exterior waterproofing services throughout Ontario.
  • Free no obligation consultation.

Exterior Wet Basement Solutions

At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of top quality exterior waterproofing services, designed to meet your individual requirements, and to repair the damp problems of your home for good.

Exterior waterproofing is a permanent solution which works from the outside of your property, to prevent any water from breaching the external walls of your foundations. This is a highly effective approach to damp problems, because it means that water does not even reach your home.

Your property is guarded from damp using highly effective waterproofing materials, which are expertly installed by our team of professionals in Ontario.

Every Exterior Waterproofing Solution Is Different

Hydrostatic pressure can cause your home structural damage, and can also allow damp to enter your property. Cracks and gaps in your walls and windows can also be a point of entry. Every home is affected differently by damp, according to the environment and the state of the foundations.

At Direct Waterproofing, we offer a free consultation, which allows us to assess the conditions of your home, and suggest the potential solutions that are available to you. If you decide that the benefits of exterior waterproofing are well worth it, then we offer a full waterproofing service which can provide protection for your external foundation walls, along with several other options to improve your home.

Main Exterior Waterproofing Solution

The main exterior waterproofing solution that we offer involves providing a sort of waterproof jacket for the foundations of your home. Using highly waterproof materials, we install the added layers of protection, which will prevent any damp from entering the exterior walls of the building. This provides a lasting solution that also supports the structural integrity of the building.

The procedure for our main exterior waterproofing solution is as follows:

They include:

Step 1:

We excavate around your property, down to the weeping tile pipe. The actual depth can vary depending on the elevation of the building, but is usually between 4 and 8 feet.

Step 2:

Next, we clean and power blast the wall, to expose the concrete or brickwork that comprises your exterior walls. We can then check for any gaps or structural cracks.

Step 3:

With the walls exposed, and the cracks identified, next comes the fundamental repairs to the foundations. We chisel out any defected areas, and apply hydraulic cement to any crevices. This then expands, and provides restoration and protection for your existing walls.

Step 4:

Next we apply aquabloc, a special material that provides structural stability, and has low permeability. The stone is specially designed to block the movement of water, and so will add a highly effective waterproofing layer to your home.

Step 5:

We don’t stop with just one layer of aquabloc. We apply the yellow jacket to hold the material firmly in place, followed by another layer of aquabloc. This provides dual protection, ensuring that no water will ever reach your true exterior wall.

Step 6:

The final layer of waterproof protection is in the form of a delta membrane and accompanying drainage system. This allows ground water to channel away from your home, and relieves the building of hydrostatic pressure, ensuring its long term integrity. This layer takes pressure off the waterproof materials beneath, and helps the work to last for a lifetime. The membrane and drainage are covered with a thick coating of gravel to maximize the drainage.

Step 7:

The area is backfilled to the original level, and your garden and yard restored. We never leave a job incomplete, and once we have finished you will never have to worry about damp again!

Other Common Exterior Leak Problems & Solutions

Depending on where the leak or damp is coming from, your property may also require additional services in order to benefit from maximum protection.

As well as offering full waterproofing for your exterior foundation walls, we can also use drainage systems and other techniques to keep water away from your home in the first place. We will analyze and discuss this with you during the consultation phase.

Some of the extra exterior waterproofing services that we offer include:

Window Wells

Water can build up in pools around near-grade basement windows, and can leak through window sills. If this is the case, then Direct Waterproofing can modify or install a new window well, which ensures rain water falls beneath the window sill and then is effectively drained away from your home. We can install vertical weeping tiles to waterproof this exposed area, and provide gravel and drainage, so your windows will never leak again.

French Drains

When water pools against your home it can cause structural problems and extra pressure, and when it pools in your yard it can cause erosion and look a mess too. Outdoor drainage systems are highly effective solutions for ensuring surface and ground water is never left to gather against your home or in your yard. Among the most effective are french drains, which are drain pipe systems which are landscaped into your home. They are particularly effective if your home is surrounded by slopes, and accumulates more water as a result.

Guttering Systems

Sometimes simple solutions can have a big impact on your home. Nothing is more unappealing than a broken or leaky guttering system, or one which slopes and causes water to build up in a certain area. Faulty gutters can be the cause of problem areas of damp. Sometimes all it takes is for the gutters to be unblocked, and other times you might need new ones. Direct Waterproofing can make sure your guttering systems serve their purpose and keep water away from your home.

Exterior Wet Basement Solutions- Direct Waterproofing, Ontario

If you are suffering from damp and mold problems, damage to your foundations, or you simply want to protect your home for the future, contact Direct Waterproofing today. All of our exterior waterproofing services come with a 25 year warranty, so you can be comfortable that you don’t have to worry about water in your home for a long time to come.

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