Drain Snaking and Cleaning Toronto

Trusted Drain Snaking and Cleaning in Toronto!

Clogs in your drains can cause major problems, especially if they are in your main lines or sewer pipes. When drains are blocked, the plumbing in your home will not function properly, and you will start to experience problems. Worse still, if left untreated a blocked drain can even crack or burst, or cause a backflow of water or sewage into your basement.
What is important is that if you notice any signs of a clogged drain, you seek professional treatment. Direct Waterproofing offer drain snaking and cleaning that is fast and cost effective, while completely unblocking your drains and freeing you from any problems.

What is Drain Snaking?

Drain snaking is one of the most effective solutions available for unclogging drains. Cutters with a metal tip are attached to a long pipe, and the rotating blades cut through any debris that is in your pipes, and clear them out of the way.

This method works wonders for both minor and major blockages, and can even cut through tough tree roots, which are one of the main causes of blocked drains.

We feed the drain snake into a defined point of access and run it towards the affected area. We have different sizes of pipes for different drains and situations, and all of our drain snakes are top of the range commercial grade models. This method requires no excavation, and is hence a treatment that saves a lot of time and money, while still doing a reliable job. Your drains will be free from clogs and debris after just a short treatment.

Drain Camera Inspection

We use CCTV cameras, which again allows us to cut back on the otherwise extensive excavation work. We feed the camera into your drain pipes, and can have the information fed back live to a monitor. This allows us to identify clogs, blocks, tree roots, and potential problem areas. We can also see if there are any cracked or broken pipes. This is the first stage of the drain snaking treatment, and allows us to identify exactly what treatment to use, and where to use it.

Direct Waterproofing For Drain Snaking Services in Toronto

We offer drain snaking and cleaning as either a maintenance service, or as an emergency waterproofing. Clogged drains can cause serious problems, and in some cases can completely stop the flow of water in your home, or cause devastating water damage.

With our drain snaking and cleaning treatments you can quickly get rid of clogs, and resume your normal life. Direct Waterproofing also offer water damage recovery, so if the clog has caused any further damage, your home can soon be set back to a pleasant an hospitable state.