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Direct Waterproofing offers the Best Basement Waterproofing in Toronto with top-notch workmanship for interior and exterior waterproofing, crack Injection, backwater valve installation and basement lowering.
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Only the best workmanship for interior and exterior waterproofing, crack Injection, backwater valve installation and basement lowering.


One of the main benefits of hiring professionals to help you in your basement waterproofing needs is the experience that they bring to the table. Because there are a wide variety of issues that could lead to your basement experiencing leaks or flooding, it is a good idea to get the advice of an experienced professional before making any decisions. Doing so will ensure that you find the root cause of the problem and are able to treat because itself rather than merely a symptom. This helps guarantee that any solution you receive is one that is tailored to your specific needs.


We Offer The Best Basement Waterproofing Services in Toronto!

At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of exterior and interior waterproofing services, priced
competitively, and professionally installed by our highly qualified experts.
  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Interior Waterproofing
  • Emergency Waterproofing
  • Backwater Valve Installation
  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Lowering
  • Weeping Tile Installation
  • The most trusted exterior basement waterproofing experts!
    Interior waterproofing provides an economic solution for minor damp problems, but focuses on removing water that is already there. Exterior waterproofing takes a lot more work, and is a more expensive solution, but is one that lasts for life, and is the only way to protect the actual structure of the building. Our team will repair your leaky basement from the outside of the house by exposing the foundation and applying the necessary waterproofing materials. This helps create a foundation waterproofing system that redirects and disperses water away from your foundation walls. All work completed by Direct Waterproofing comes with both workmanship and materials warranties. Your complete satisfaction and lasting results have always been our top priority. Read more
  • The most trusted interior waterproofing experts!
    Interior waterproofing is any solution that focuses on the interior of your property. The main treatment involves the use of waterproof materials to add extra layers of protection to your walls. This is combined with effective interior drainage to divert water away from your property. This involves some interior excavation, but doesn’t require as much work as exterior solutions. When your house gets damp and moist, it is best to have interior waterproofing done to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Our solution will prevent harmful smells and bacteria and take care of hydrostatic pressure, which builds up and causes wetness indoors. Once you notice a water/moisture problem, you should get it fixed or looked at sooner than later. We are your best bet. Read more
  • Basement Waterproofing Emergency Services
    Water damage can come fast, and is usually unexpected. Nobody can predict that a pipe is going to burst, or flood damage happens. Precautions can be taken, but major water damage may still occur, and if it does you will want immediate assistance. At Direct Waterproofing, we are well aware of the dark reality of a damp basement that is flooded from the outside, water seeping in or a broken pipe. We offer quality basement waterproofing emergency services meant to get your basement dry and keep it that way. We blend custom repair, drainage and mold removal services to achieve a truly arid result. Our emergency services are available 24/7. Read more
  • The most trusted experts for all your backwater valve system needs!
    A backwater valve is an extremely important installation that will prevent your home from coming under damage from sewage backflow, which can be caused by flooding, a lack of water pressure, and other reasons. Whether you need to replace an existing backwater valve system or install a new one, we are here to help. Our team will help with everything from pulling a permit for the installation of the backwater valves and existing drain removal to backwater valve installation and home drain line testing. We also clean up and do all the disposal once the work is done. Read more
  • The most trusted foundation repair experts!
    Our foundation repair services restore your foundation walls and floors back to a sturdy and structural sound state, free from any cracks or defects that would otherwise pose a problem for leaks, damp, and the stability of your home. We are a team of general contractors specializing in geotechnical issues relating to foundation construction, retaining walls, slops and other structural elements. Our skilled and highly trained professionals know how to solve foundation problems of any size. We tackle everything from repairing cracks to installing large soil nail walls. When you hire us for your foundation repairs, you will be partnering with a licensed contractor. Read more
  • The most trusted basement lowering experts!
    We offer full basement lowering services that give you the opportunity to create extra living or working space out of your basement or crawl space. Basement lowering is designed to give extra height to the space, which allows it to be comfortably inhabited. We use underpinning in order to maintain the square footage of your basement. If underpinning is not possible, we recommend bench footings which are cheaper. All our basement lowering projects include water damage prevention as well as humidity ventilation products. This ensures that your new space is not only spacious but with maximum livability for many years to come. Read more
  • The most trusted weeping tile installation experts!
    Pools of water can collect behind your foundation walls, in your basement, or against the outside perimeter of your house. When this happens it can cause structural damage, as well as bring harmful and unpleasant damp and mold problems to your life. Weeping tiles reduce the amount of water that is present in the soil near the foundation. The water is drained into the weeping tile which is connected to the sewer system or sump pump. This drains water away instead of leaving it sitting in the soil either soaking the foundation or flooding the basement. Direct Waterproofing offers full weeping tile installation and repair services. Read more

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  • Window Well Installation
  • French Drains
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Battery Backup Pump
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Drain Snaking and Cleaning
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Waterproofing With The most trusted window well installation experts!
    Leaks and damp problems can sometimes be caused by a build up of water in your window well. If you have windows at or below ground level, then they should come with a window well installed. Window wells are designed to shed water like a roof shingle. Once the window well fills up, it simply pours the water through the seals of the window. This helps prevent water damage. Our services include the installation of window drain wells, replacements of window wells, unclogging window wells and the installation and replacement of surrounding drain systems. Read more
  • The most trusted french drains experts!
    There is nothing much worse than pools of water gathering in your yard, basement, or against the side of your home. If this happens, you can be sure that damp or structural damage will result if the problem is not taken care of. A well-maintained and properly installed French drain works by redirecting water away from the soil surrounding your home. The system has a perforated pipe that collects accumulated water and redirects it to absorbent gravel. This prevents water build-ups which are the main cause of cracks and flooding. At Direct Waterproofing, we are proud to offer installation, repair and maintenance services of this essential system. Read more
  • The most trusted sump pump installation experts!
    Sump pumps are a highly effective method of dealing with extreme water retention in your basement. If water is pooling due to heavy rainfall, or your property is at risk from floods, then a sump pump is highly recommended in order to channel the water outside effectively. A sump pump plays a crucial role in keeping your building free from damaging floodwaters, moisture accumulation and leaks. If you have a basement in your home or commercial building, you will definitely need the protection of a sump pump. The pros at Direct Waterproofing provide complete sump pump installation and repair services for both commercial and residential customers. Read more
  • The most trusted battery backup pump experts!
    A battery backup pump is a solution that provides backup power to your sump pump, ensuring that it never fails. This means your basement will always stay dry, even in the event of power outage. The cost of a back-up sump pump installation will depend on the type of pump that is being installed, the volume of the pump, and the complexity of the installation. Installing a sump pump back-up system is not as straightforward as you may think. You need expert help. Our highly trained and experienced experts will help you pick the best system and handle the installation. Read more
  • The most trusted backflow preventers experts!
    To stop backflow, where sewage can come back up your pipes and into your basement, we can install backflow prevention to protect your home. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that ensures water flows in a single direction. The system keeps potable and non-potable water from mixing. It is also crucial for preventing flooding due to water and sewage backflow. You can always count on our team at Direct Waterproofing to install, replace, repair and test your backflow preventers. We serve both residential and commercial customers. Read more
  • The most trusted drain snaking and cleaning experts!
    Clogs in your drains can cause major problems, especially if they are in your main lines or sewer pipes. When drains are blocked, the plumbing in your home will not function properly, and you will start to experience problems.  Drain snaking involves the use of a drain snake (also referred to as a drain auger). We have drain snakes that can reach deep into the pipes, find the clog and remove it. For clogs that require more than a drain snake, we use various commercial drain cleaning methods to clear the pipes. Video inspection and hydro jetting are some of the methods we use. Schedule a plumbing inspection today. Read more
  • The most trusted sewer drain repair and cleaning experts!
    Your drain carries all of the waste water away from your home, and into the underground sewer mains. It is an essential component of the plumbing, and without it your house wouldn’t function very well. If you have a clog, we can help. Our professional plumbers are able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly to get your drain back to normal within no time. We use different cleaning and repair methods to keep your drains in perfect condition. We also provide same-day emergency services for clogged drains. Give us a call to find out more. Read more

Why Would You Need To Waterproof Your Basement?
Common Signs of Basement Water Leak

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Diagnosing Your Leaking Basement in Toronto


A sign of high humidity and moisture in your basement is a musty odor. This odor is directly caused by mold! Mold comes from the presence of moisture and organic material! You can alleviate a musty basement, and the best way to go about it is by removing water vapor from the room with an energy-efficient dehumidifier. In the summer, your basement can be kept cooler and dryer by air conditioning and proper sealing.

5 reasons why you should repair your foundation 1


Leaky Pipes
When the pipes in your basement show signs of “sweating;” they may even drip water. This is caused by condensation, and the best way to remove it is by asking an expert to insulate the pipes. Furthermore, if there are holes in your basement wall to allow access to pipes or wires, these holes can often be a perfect gateway for water to get into your basement. A unique polymer can be used to seal such holes. This polymer creates a secure bond and helps to block moisture.

5 reasons why you should repair your foundation


Wall-Floor Joint-Wetness
Many homes that have leaky basements also have a buildup of excess moisture wall-floor joint. This is where the wall meets the floor. This particular accumulation of moisture often results from torrential rains, an ineffective gutter or sump pump system, an improper slope of a house, or some other factors. To fix this type of leaky basement permanently, call in a basement professional to install a system that will gather the excess water and pump it out of harm’s way.

5 reasons why you should repair your foundation


Wall Condensation
When you touch your basement walls, do they feel damp? Can you visibly observe moisture building up on the walls and windows? Is the smell of your basement musty and does your basement show signs of mildew? If all your answers are yes, you should take immediate action. Although you can install a dehumidifier system to eliminate excess moisture in the air, this is not sufficient most times. There are cases where basement walls require a moisture barrier covering that functions as a vapor barrier to limit moisture in the room. Removing excess moisture will make your basement more livable as well as make your entire home less susceptible to mold and mildew, and make it a safer place for your family.

5 reasons why you should repair your foundation - 4


Cracks in the Floor
In some cases, there are cracks in basement floors and they allow water to enter easily in and spoil the integrity of the room. An unevenly-settled foundation is the most frequent cause of a cracked basement floor. To fix this issue once and for all, the owner of the home will have first to diagnose the cause and then repair the foundation (if it is necessary). After that, the homeowner will have to call in a basement waterproofing professional to install a drainage system and sump pump to collect and send excess water away from the home.

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