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A sump pump is one of the main solutions that you can use in order to make sure water never pools in your basement. Drainage channels water to the sump basin and pump, which takes it safely outside your property. Sump pumps are very reliable, but are powered by the mains. In the event of a power outage, the pump can shut down, which can leave water to find its way into your basement again.
A battery backup pump is a solution that provides backup power to your sump pump, ensuring that it never fails. This means your basement will always stay dry, even in the event of power outage. The backup automatically kicks in when the power goes out, so you don’t have to worry about it even if you are out of the house.
Battery backup pumps are an optional extra when it comes to the sump pump setup.

Why Choose a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Battery backup pumps are not essential when it comes to sump pump installation. Many people want to avoid the extra costs associated with the backup system. However, in the event that power does go out, your sump pump will be rendered useless. This can happen often in storms and floods, which the pump system is designed to combat.

Although the battery backup pumps are optional, they are therefore highly recommended, and are actually a pretty crucial piece of equipment for protection against extreme elements. You can consider the backup pump to be a kind of insurance policy. The initial costs may be more, but if or when power shuts down the system will pay for itself by providing protection, and avoiding further work that flood damages could cause.

Advantages of Battery Backup Pump Installation

With a battery backup pump, you can be sure that water will always be pumped out of of your basement.
  • Kick in automatically when power fails.

  • Channel and pump water effectively out of your home.

  • Avoid damage that might be caused in the event of a sump pump failure.

Direct Waterproofing For Battery Backup Pump Installation In Toronto

If you already own a sump pump, and want to have a backup pump installed, then contact Direct Waterproofing. If you do not have a sump pump, and think you need one to protect your basement against the build up of water, and damage from floods and rains, then we can install the pump and drainage systems. We offer a free consultation which allows us to inspect your property, and discuss your options with you. Our aim is to provide you with the perfect solution to rid your home of damp, mold, and water damage.