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Welcome to Direct Basement Waterproofing serving Guelph. We have been helping GTA residents keep their basements dry for over 25 years. We are a licensed and insured company offering affordable basement waterproofing services in Guelph.

Reliable Basement Waterproofing in Guelph

Guelph’s humid continental climate is characterized by moderately high snowfall and rainfall. Problems like seepage, sump pump failure, sewer backup, and sewer flow restriction will lead to basement flooding, which can cause untold damage to the foundation. Water damage can also make your basement unliveable, cause mould growth, and damage paper, metal, and wood belongings. At Direct Waterproofing, we have been offering both exterior and interior waterproofing solutions in Guelph for over 25 years. We also provide related services such as backflow valve installation and battery backup pump installation. We are fully licensed and insured, and our technicians have the relevant certifications. We take time to understand the source of the problem before we propose a solution. We use the latest waterproofing technology and only use the highest-quality waterproofing materials. We offer both curative and preventive basement waterproofing services. We also provide emergency waterproofing services around the clock.

Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing Services in Guelph

At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of exterior and interior waterproofing services, priced competitively, and professionally installed by our highly qualified experts.

Interior waterproofing protects the interior of your home from water damage. It involves the use of waterproof material for an extra layer of protection to the walls. The waterproofing material diverts moisture away from the walls. We only use the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to resolve issues of hydrostatic pressure, harmful bacteria, structural damage, and foul smell. Call us the moment you notice moisture issues in your basement to prevent the exacerbation of the problem. Common signs of moisture damage to look out for are a musty smell, pooling water, peeling or flaking paint, wood rot, efflorescence, mould and mildew growth, and an uneven or sinking floor.
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Exterior waterproofing is important in dealing with the source of your basement moisture problems. It is more labour-intensive and expensive compared to interior waterproofing, but the results last longer. Exterior waterproofing protects the structure over and above, keeping water away from your basement. When you hire us, we will excavate to expose the foundation and apply waterproofing material. These materials seal the cracks in concrete and prevent water from flowing between the exterior and interior of your foundation. We only use the highest quality waterproofing materials and the latest waterproofing techniques. We also offer material and workmanship warranties.
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A pipe can burst or leak at any time, necessitating emergency waterproofing. Emergencies could also be caused by extreme weather, causing water to breach the basement, appliances going faulty and overflowing, and sewage backing up. Regardless of what caused the water damage, fixing the problem cannot wait until morning – you need to address the problem immediately. Waiting only causes damage to fabrics as well as wooden, metallic, and paper items, structural damage, and makes the space unliveable. Our team is on standby 24/7 and is armed with the tools, equipment, and waterproofing materials needed for the job.
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A backwater valve, also called a backflow valve, is designed to stop the sewer from overflowing and flooding your basement. The most common type of backwater valve has a flap on the back that allows sewer to flow away from your property, and that senses and stops any water that is flowing back. Sewage backup can be caused by clogging, lack of water pressure, and flooding, among other reasons. You need a professional to repair and replace your backwater valve, given the importance of the system. Our team has the experience and tools necessary for the job. We will also help you get the relevant permits and clean up after the job is done.
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Your home needs a strong foundation to make it structurally sound. Cracks and leaks in your foundation can also let in moisture, causing mould and mildew problems, damage to metal, wooden, and paper items, and reducing the resale value of the property. Foundation issues can be caused by roots from nearby trees, vibration from nearby traffic, poor foundation construction, poorly compacted soil, and poor drainage. At Direct Waterproofing, our team has the relevant geotechnical training to stabilize your basement. We use different techniques for this based on the cause of your foundation issues, ranging from repairing cracks to installing soil nails.
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Basement lowering raises the height of the basement ceiling. This makes the basement more usable as a living or working space. The process also allows you to strengthen the property in that you are able to fix unstable walls, do waterproofing, and fix bad footings. Basement lowering also increases the resale value of your home. Our team has expertise in different basement-lowering methods – the choice depends on the desired results, the basement design, and your budget. Underpinning is the most popular option, but we can do benching if you are on a budget. Alongside basement lowering, we will also install a ventilation system and do basement waterproofing.
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Pooling water is common behind foundation walls, on the perimeter of a house, and in the basement. This can lead to structural damage and mould and mildew growth. One way of dealing with this problem is weeping tile installation. Weeping tiles work by diverting water away from your house. Interior weeping tiles (or perimeter drain systems) are made up of corrugated piping and often connect to under-floor sump pumps. Exterior weeping tiles are more effective in that they help prevent breaching, but they are more expensive. At Direct Waterproofing, we do both internal and external weeping tile installation.
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Window wells capture and redirect water away from your home. If you do not have a window well, or it is damaged or clogged, water will start accumulating, and it can start leaking through window frames, walls, or the window itself. A window well that is not functioning as required is just as bad as not having one. Common reasons for non-functional window wells are poor installation, poor drainage, and deteriorating windows. At Direct Waterproofing, we will assess your existing window well set up and make the necessary repairs to ensure it is functioning as expected. Our team also has the experience required to do window well installation. We will do everything from excavation to installing new window well drainage and from waterproofing to the window well installation.
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French drains are one of the methods used in Guelph, ON to channel water away from the foundation. There are several reasons why you need a professional to do French drain installation. Excavation carries the risk of damaging utility lines, there is a risk of clogging when French drains are not done correctly, permits may be required, and neighbouring properties and local authorities must be considered when draining water. Other important considerations are maintaining a slope of at least 1% to take advantage of absorbent gravity and installing a sump pump if the property is at the bottom of a slope. At Direct Waterproofing, we have been installing French drains for many years – we understand what works and what does not.
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A sump pump is an effective method of removing water from pooling water. It is a must-have for low-lying homes that are at risk of flooding. Sump pumps are also sometimes necessary where other water management methods, like French drains, are in use. All your drains should lead to the sump pump. This pump is positioned at the lowest possible level in the basement so that all water flows towards it. You can also have a sump pit to work alongside the sump pump – this ensures all the water accumulates here and prevents debris from clogging up the pump. The pump is responsible for pumping all the water away from your home. Our experienced technicians at Direct Waterproofing have the expertise necessary to install sump pumps and ensure your sump pump is operating optimally.
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Every Guelph, ON home that has a basement requires a sump pump that is operational around the clock. One way of ensuring your sump pump never fails is installing a battery backup pump. As the term suggests, a battery backup pump provides backup power to your sump pump around the clock. The backup power automatically kicks in when the mains go out – you need not worry about flooding even when you are away from home. The traditional backup system consists of a battery-powered pump, a charger, a battery, and extra piping. Our team has the expertise necessary to handle the complexity of the installation. Hiring us ensures you do not void the warranty.
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Backflow refers to a situation where wastewater, such as water from your dishwasher or washing machine, comes back up the pipes and into the basement. This can cause serious damage and health problems. The solution for this is the installation of a backflow preventer. So, how do you prevent backflow? Several solutions are available, among them an air gap between the plumbing system and the faucets and installing backflow prevention devices (valves). The most common of these are single-check and double-check valves. Backflow valves should be tested from time to time to ensure they are working as they should. At Direct Waterproofing, we have been installing, repairing, and testing backflow valves in both commercial and residential properties for many years.
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Most Guelph residents do not know how their drainpipes are working until they experience a problem. You should regularly check to ensure your drainpipes are not clogged since blockage could spell disaster. To avoid clogging, never flush down grease, fats, and oils, disposable wipes, and trash like paper towels and diapers. Other common causes of clogging are soap scum, tree roots, pet and animal hair, and mineral build-up. However, clogging will happen from time to time. Clogging makes your drainage unusable and can even damage your drains. So, how do you deal with it? Drain snaking is one of the most effective solutions when you have clogged drains. A drain snake is made up of cutters with a metal tip on a long pipe. The drain snaking has rotating blades that cut through debris. This works for both minor and major blockages. We do drain camera inspection, followed by drain cleaning. One of the most effective unclogging techniques is drain snaking. Drain snaking involves the use of a metal pipe with gaps between coils on one end. We feed this drain snake at an accessible point and run it toward the problematic area. Other drain cleaning solutions we use include commercial drain cleaning and hydro jetting.
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You should never allow your sewer drain to clog up. You will be risking your family's health, the structure of your home, and your belongings without a functioning sewer drain. Clogging also leads to pest infestation, and it makes your home unliveable due to a foul smell. You should call a professional the moment you notice multiple fixtures clogging, bubbling or gurgling from your bathtubs and toilets and indentation or soggy patches of grass on your lawn. We fix sewer drainage problems quickly since we understand the implication of sewer issues. Our team has the tools and expertise to locate and deal with a clog permanently. The use of CCTV cameras to pinpoint the problematic area helps save time and cost.
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When do you Need a Credible Basement Waterproofing Company?


You should not wait until you start getting water damage. You should take preventative measures right from the building construction stage. At Direct Waterproofing, we will assist you in testing your plumbing system from time to time – we understand prevention is cheaper than cure. We also do preventive maintenance, such as servicing sump pumps and backflow valves.

You should be on the lookout for early signs of water damage, as this will prevent costly damage and ensure the structural integrity of your home is not compromised. Groundwater is a leading cause of structural integrity issues because as it builds, it produces hydrostatic pressure. Common early signs of water damage are water stains, unwanted smells, efflorescence (white sparkling light effect), mould and mildew, water pooling outside your home, and rust formation.

If you have suffered a water damage emergency or major water-related damage, you need to do waterproofing immediately after the restoration. This ensures that the problem does not recur.


Homes in Guelph, ON do not come cheap. To most Guelph residents, buying a home is the biggest investment they will make in life. When you hire us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe and your family is not at risk.

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Why Hire Direct Waterproofing for Your Basement Waterproofing?

There are several reasons why we are the basement waterproofing company of Choice in Guelph.
Our 25+ years of experience in basement waterproofing is a testament to our credibility and reliability.
We serve the Greater Toronto Area. We understand the local regulations and the climate, which enables us to serve you better.
Our prices are affordable without compromising on quality. We provide customized solutions based on our clients' budgets.
We pride ourselves in quality services in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Guelph. We are proud members of industry bodies like the Toronto Construction Association that focuses on putting the customer first.
Our technicians have the relevant training and experience and are certified by the relevant regulators.
We are insured and bonded. Our $25,000,000 liability insurance ensures that you are covered in the unlikely event of a mishap while we are working at your home.
We use the highest quality waterproofing materials. We understand the longevity of the waterproofing depends on the quality of the materials used.
We provide warranties of up to 25 years on our workmanship. This warranty is transferrable should you sell or lease out your house.
We are available day and night all year round.