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Thank you for visiting our website. As waterproofing experts in Malton, our expert team at Direct Waterproofing is committed to providing high-quality services in basement waterproofing. We have been in the waterproofing business for more than 25 years. We are insured, and our services are affordable.

Reliable Basement Waterproofing in Malton

The cost of repairing a flooded basement can be in the neighbourhoods of $40,000. This is a hefty price to pay, especially when considering that preventing basement floods can cost as little as $250. Therefore, at Direct Waterproofing, we are more focused on preventive maintenance. If your basement is flooded or you have been dealing with leaks or dampness, we are here to help. Thanks to years of experience, close to three decades now, we offer unparalleled solutions in basement waterproofing in Malton. Our company is fully licensed, and we only use an in-house team of highly trained, experienced and certified professionals. We are better equipped and skilled to tackle any type of waterproofing project. When you contact us, our top priority will be knowing more about you and understanding your plight. This enables us to offer a solution that is tailored to you, as well as a detailed estimate that fits your budget. Our services include the latest and best equipment, materials and strategies. Call us for the best waterproofing solutions in Malton.

Our Main Basement Waterproofing Services in Malton

We provide a wide variety of waterproofing services in Malton so that you can consistently come to us for all your needs. Our team can identify the problem, determine the best solution and get the issue fixed efficiently. We are committed to ensuring your home remains dry. Here are our main services:

Basement and foundation leaks will not only cause costly damages but also compromise the integrity of your property. Leaks are also responsible for a variety of health problems. This is why Direct Waterproofing is fully committed to keeping your building dry by offering the best solutions for preventing moisture and water intrusion. We employ various techniques and materials outside the foundation and basement to guarantee that water never penetrates. We start by excavating the area around your walls and then installing a high-quality waterproofing membrane that creates an impenetrable water barrier. Our exterior waterproofing services in Malton are comprehensive, competitively priced and provided solely by a certified in-house team. To us, exterior waterproofing is the best preventive solution for keeping your building dry.
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To eliminate mould, dampness and other types of water damage, you will need interior waterproofing. Interior waterproofing involves a combination of solutions to prevent moisture and water infiltration. Our solutions also focus on managing the water that gets into your basement. For this, we use weeping tiles, French drains and sump pumps. We also apply a waterproofing coating on the floors and walls to keep the water out. Our solutions are innovative and guarantee you never again deal with a wet basement. We will also take care of foundation and basement problems, such as cracks. Call us to find out more about our interior waterproofing services.
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Irrespective of the solutions you have put in place to avoid flooding, accidents do happen. A burst pipe, sewage backflow and a tap left running are some of the main reasons your basement may be flooded. Whenever you need emergency waterproofing services, we are happy to come to your rescue. Our team will be deployed rapidly after you request emergency waterproofing services. The objective of emergency waterproofing services is to offer an immediate solution that prevents the progression of water damage. Our emergency services may include the installation of temporary seals, pumping out a flooded basement, and installing moisture barriers. We are available 24/7 and will respond promptly to resolve any waterproofing issue without overcharging you.
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To keep sewage from flowing back into your home, you need a backwater valve. If this valve is missing or damaged, you may find yourself frequently dealing with flooding from the sewer line. Our team has much experience installing backwater valves. Our work starts with an assessment of your building's layout. The goal is to determine the best location to install the valve. Typically, the valve is installed in the main sewer line near the floor drain or foundation drain. Whether it is a new installation or you need help replacing the old or damaged valve, we are happy to help. We guarantee that you will never deal with sewage backflows ever again.
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The condition of your foundation will impact the overall integrity of your structure. That is why we are committed to offering sturdy solutions for foundation repairs in Malton. The first thing we do is assess your foundation for issues such as cracks. Several techniques will then be employed to repair the foundation and restore its structural integrity. Some of the techniques we use include wall reinforcement, installing soil nail walls, crack injection and underpinning. In our experience, addressing foundation problems and applying the right waterproofing measures improves the functionality of your property. We are here to restore your foundation to its best state.
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Do you wish to make your basement livable? We can help with that. We offer advanced solutions to increase the height and habitability of basements. Our solutions include underpinning, bench footing as well as waterproofing. In basement lowering, we always pay attention to the structural integrity of your building. We may have to reinforce the walls and the foundation to improve stability. Once we are done, we work on waterproofing, which involves installing a sump pump, weeping tiles and waterproofing seals. At the end of the day, you can count on a basement that is well-ventilated, waterproofed and beautiful.
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Water pooling around the foundation will not only compromise the structural integrity of your building but also find its way into your basement. To prevent these problems, we recommend installing weeping tiles. Also referred to as perimeter drains or drainage tiles, weeping tiles work by directing excess groundwater away from a building. When installing them, a trench is dug around the perimeter of the building before they are installed. The weeping tiles collect and direct water to the sump pump or drainage system. Weeping tiles are a crucial component when waterproofing a basement. The system will protect your building from moisture buildup, water damage and potential structural problems.
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If you have windows at or below ground level, consider getting window wells installed. Window wells prevent water seepage, which, in turn, protects the integrity of your foundation. Window wells work by improving drainage, thus eliminating the risk of water accumulating near your windows. These are solutions that will keep the windows dry and keep water from getting into your foundation and basement. Window wells also prevent the buildup of soil pressure, which is the leading cause of leaks and cracks. At Direct Waterproofing, we are experts in window well installation in Malton. We are the best team for the job.
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When water is not directed away from your building effectively, it can wreak havoc not just in your basement and foundation but also in your yard. The installation of a French drain can help solve this issue. French drains are perforated pipes that are installed around the perimeter of your building and covered in aggregate or gravel. When there is excess water around the building, the French drains suck in the water and direct it to a drainage area. This prevents excess groundwater from collecting around your building. Consequently, the system prevents flooding, structural damage and dampness. You can count on us to offer remarkable solutions in the installation, maintenance and repair of French drains.
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When dealing with basement water retention, installing a sump pump is the best investment you can make. This is a genius system that channels water from your basement into the sewer. During the installation, a sump pit will be dug to collect excess water in the basement. The sump pump is then installed to pump out the collected water. To work efficiently, the sump pump is equipped with a sensor that detects the water levels in the sump pit. When the water gets to a certain level, the pump activates and empties the pit. We integrate the sump pump into your drainage system.
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As effective as a sump pump is, it requires power. If there is a power outage, the sump pump will be rendered useless. That is why we recommend the installation of a battery backup pump. The battery backup pump is a reliable contingency that protects the basement from flooding when there is a power outage or when the sump pump fails. The backup pump activates automatically and relies on battery power to keep your basement dry even when there is an electrical disruption. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that basement flooding is virtually impossible in your building.
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A sewage backflow will not only horrify you but also cause costly damage to your property. The good thing is that these issues can be avoided by installing a backflow preventer. This is a mechanical device that keeps sewage from flowing backwards. The device is often installed together with a sump pump and exterior and interior waterproofing solutions to offer maximum protection against flooding. At Direct Waterproofing, we are specialists in the installation, maintenance and replacement of backflow preventers in Malton. Give us a call to find out more about our solutions.
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When the drains are clogged, the rest of your plumbing system will be compromised. You will also be at a high risk of dealing with costly water damage. For this reason, we offer comprehensive drain snaking and cleaning solutions. Our snaking services rely on a flexible cable which is maneuvered either manually or using motorized equipment to dislodge debris. We also offer drain cleaning services, which involve hydro-jetting to guarantee your drains are left sparkling clean. Give us a call to find out more about this essential service.
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Wastewater is channelled away from your building through the sewer drains. If the drains are compromised in any way, they will disrupt the whole plumbing system. Our experienced team has the training and skills needed to remove sewer clogs. We will eliminate sediments, debris, grease and anything else that might be clogging your drains. At the end of the service, you can count on an efficient drain that is free of bad odour. For complex projects, we use sewer cameras to inspect the drains and determine the best way forward. Call us today for a free consultation.
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Benefits of Waterproofing Services in Malton

Our waterproofing services are beneficial in the following ways and more:


When it comes to water damage, the best solution is prevention. This is simply because water damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair, while prevention can cost less than $500. Investing in the best exterior and interior waterproofing services will ensure water damage is never an issue in your home, irrespective of how heavy the rain is or how long you left the tap running. At Direct Waterproofing, we have a skilled and certified team of professionals who will guarantee you have the best waterproofing solutions. We are here to keep your property dry year after year.


Do you find yourself going up and down the stairs to check the condition of your basement during the rainy season? We can help you put an end to this with our advanced exterior and interior waterproofing services in Malton. When you call us, we will perform a thorough assessment of your building to determine the best waterproofing solutions. Our team will take care of everything, including installing a sump pump and systems to prevent sewage backflow. When we are done, your peace of mind will be guaranteed.


Water is life, but when mismanaged, it can be a nightmare. As a homeowner, you have to ensure water never gets into your foundation or basement. This is because even minor leaks can lead to costly repairs and health issues. There is also the fact that water damage can significantly compromise the integrity of your property. These issues have to be fixed as soon as you notice them.

Our team at Direct Waterproofing is committed to providing the full range of exterior and interior waterproofing services in Malton. We want to be the company you turn to whenever you need waterproofing and home improvement solutions. In addition to the highest quality services in waterproofing, you can call us for foundation repair, basement lowering, drainage system installation, repair and maintenance, and so much more. Our primary objective is to keep your home free from leaks, dampness, sewage backflows and all forms of water damage. Call us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

When Would You Require Basement Waterproofing Services in Malton?

If you have noticed dampness or leaks in your basement, it is time to call an expert for a professional assessment. One thing you should understand is that waterproofing problems never go away on their own. They get worse. The worst part is that when your basement is damp, it will become useless. You will not be able to live in it, nor will you be able to store anything in it. Over time, the dampness may cause problems with the structural integrity of your building and also trigger health issues.

Direct Waterproofing is committed to offering the highest quality services that keep your building dry.

Why Hire Direct Waterproofing for Basement Waterproofing in Malton?

When you choose us for basement waterproofing in Malton, you can always count on services that are tailored to your needs. We always go the extra mile to ensure the solutions we offer not only adapt to your needs but also to your budget. To achieve this, we take time to listen to you. Our team will then perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the best course of action. Moreover, having decades of experience in the waterproofing business makes us your best bet. You will also benefit from up to 25 years of warranty on the project we work on. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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