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Welcome to Direct Basement Waterproofing serving Ajax. It has been 25 years since we are helping Ontario residence for keeping water away. We are an insured company offering affordable waterproofing services in the Ajax

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Ineffective wet basement waterproofing can cause a lot of issues ranging from small leaks to flooding. Fixing those issues incorrectly can only result in more damages, which is why you should always work with a professional waterproofing contractor. Direct Waterproofing contractors have had several awards over the years, showing that you can trust us to handle your basement in the best way. We strive to understand the root cause of the problem before implementing ideal solutions that will keep your basement dry and safe for the longest time. We don’t focus on the outward appearance; we also look at the effects on the internal structures.

Waterproofing Services Available In Ajax

We offer a full range of basement waterproofing services in Ajax, and can solve any problem related to damp and wet basements, foundation repairs, and basement lowering. We offer:

Exterior waterproofing may cost a little more, but it is usually worth the expenses. Without the external protection that this type of waterproofing provides, the foundation of the property will remain exposed to water damage. You will end up dealing with frequent repairs that are too costly and could be vulnerable to health risks associated with mould growth as a result of excess moisture seeping into the basement. The Direct Waterproofing team can ensure that does not happen by installing the best protective systems to channel the water away from the foundation. To make you feel at ease, we will give you a labour warranty and protect the manufacturer’s warranty. We believe in our services and are always ready to stand by them.
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Although water flowing from outside sources poses the most threat to the basement, underground water can also cause extensive damage when it pools for a long time. Interior waterproofing prevents that from redirecting the water to a sump pump to be drained away from the foundation. An interior drainage system that is combined with waterproofing materials provides utmost protection. With our interior waterproofing services, peeling paint, mould growth, and excess moisture will be unheard of in your property. Do not wait until these problems manifest before calling our experts. You can call us if you doubt your interior water protection system is no longer as effective as it was before.
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Sometimes water-related problems that occur in the basement happen unexpectedly. The plumbing pipes could burst, or the whole basement may flood. Whatever the case, you will need a service provider that can respond as swiftly to minimize the damage as much as possible. Our team is extremely understanding in such circumstances and is readily available to get your basement into its original state. We don’t just try to dry it up; we also strive to keep the problem from repeating itself. With our 24/7 emergency services, you will have a reliable partner when you need them the most. Call us any time of day, and we will show up.
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Basement flooding can have several repercussions, including the backflow of sewage. A backwater valve is the best way of preventing that from happening, and Direct Waterproofing is the best company to install it. Like our other services, we handle backwater valve installation with utmost care as we focus on the present and future performance capacity. We do replacements and new installations, and we go the extra mile to help our clients get the permits needed for the job. We do not outsource any service and will ensure the drain system is removed cautiously for the installation of the valve before putting it back.
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The foundation should always be sturdy for the house to remain safe all the time. Cracks and other defects can compromise the foundation and place you and your household in danger, especially when leaks are escalating the issue. When handling foundation repairs, we ensure the walls and other structural features are not tampered with in any way. No matter how extensive the damage is, our team will give it a befitting solution. Call us the moment you notice small cracks or any other sign of a problem with the foundation, and we will fix it as quickly as possible.
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Basement lowering can give you more ceiling space to make your basement more comfortable for whatever you want to turn it into. It can still maintain its size when done correctly, ensuring you get a spacious living area too. We consider our options, which include underpinning and bench fitting installation, to ensure the square footage is not tampered with. We also pay attention to the most common cause of basement damage: excess humidity and moisture, when working on basement lowering. We use state-of-the-art ventilation products to keep those elements in check for maximum comfort and savings.
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Weeping tiles are essential in keeping water that is present in the soil from pooling at the base of your foundation. As such, they are crucial in protecting the basement from different types of damages, including consistent dampness and unending mould issues. They work by draining water from the surrounding soil and channelling it into the sump pump. Our professionals will guide you through the installation process to ensure you understand every step of the work being done. We can assist with the selection of the materials and even following up to ensure your basement retains its perfect original condition.
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Leaks and damp problems can sometimes be caused by a build up of water in your window well. If you have windows at or below ground level, then they should come with a window well installed. Window wells are designed to shed water like a roof shingle. Once the window well fills up, it simply pours the water through the seals of the window. This helps prevent water damage. Our services include the installation of window drain wells, replacements of window wells, unclogging window wells and the installation and replacement of surrounding drain systems.
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There is nothing much worse than pools of water gathering in your yard, basement, or against the side of your home. If this happens, you can be sure that damp or structural damage will result if the problem is not taken care of. A well-maintained and properly installed French drain works by redirecting water away from the soil surrounding your home. The system has a perforated pipe that collects accumulated water and redirects it to absorbent gravel. This prevents water build-ups which are the main cause of cracks and flooding. At Direct Waterproofing, we are proud to offer installation, repair and maintenance services of this essential system.
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Sump pumps are a highly effective method of dealing with extreme water retention in your basement. If water is pooling due to heavy rainfall, or your property is at risk from floods, then a sump pump is highly recommended in order to channel the water outside effectively. A sump pump plays a crucial role in keeping your building free from damaging floodwaters, moisture accumulation and leaks. If you have a basement in your home or commercial building, you will definitely need the protection of a sump pump. The pros at Direct Waterproofing provide complete sump pump installation and repair services for both commercial and residential customers
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A battery backup pump is a solution that provides backup power to your sump pump, ensuring that it never fails. This means your basement will always stay dry, even in the event of power outage. The cost of a back-up sump pump installation will depend on the type of pump that is being installed, the volume of the pump, and the complexity of the installation. Installing a sump pump back-up system is not as straightforward as you may think. You need expert help. Our highly trained and experienced experts will help you pick the best system and handle the installation.
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To stop backflow, where sewage can come back up your pipes and into your basement, we can install backflow prevention to protect your home. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that ensures water flows in a single direction. The system keeps potable and non-potable water from mixing. It is also crucial for preventing flooding due to water and sewage backflow. You can always count on our team at Direct Waterproofing to install, replace, repair and test your backflow preventers. We serve both residential and commercial customers.
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Clogs in your drains can cause major problems, especially if they are in your main lines or sewer pipes. When drains are blocked, the plumbing in your home will not function properly, and you will start to experience problems. Drain snaking involves the use of a drain snake (also referred to as a drain auger). We have drain snakes that can reach deep into the pipes, find the clog and remove it. For clogs that require more than a drain snake, we use various commercial drain cleaning methods to clear the pipes. Video inspection and hydro jetting are some of the methods we use. Schedule a plumbing inspection today
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Your drain carries all of the waste water away from your home, and into the underground sewer mains. It is an essential component of the plumbing, and without it your house wouldn’t function very well. If you have a clog, we can help. Our professional plumbers are able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly to get your drain back to normal within no time. We use different cleaning and repair methods to keep your drains in perfect condition. We also provide same-day emergency services for clogged drains. Give us a call to find out more.
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Prevention Prioritization

Procrastinating a waterproofing project may seem like an easier option, but it is never a good idea. You may think you are saving money by postponing the waterproofing, but in the end, it will cost more to fix the damage caused by excess moisture. Hire professionals with a proven track record to implement preventive measures to help you save money and live in a safer house. Our main goal is to keep potential issues at bay, but we will do our best to ensure they do not recur if they occur.

Living Fearlessly

Regardless of what you do with your basement, having it in perfect condition will ensure you live more peacefully. You will not spend your days worrying about mould growing because of excess moisture or possible flooding damaging your property. The expert service providers will ensure you live a better quality of life and focus on other aspects of your life, like a career and family. We take away the fear of being exposed to mould and other dangers.

Basement Waterproofing In Ajax

Direct Waterproofing offer a full range of interior and exterior waterproofing solutions in Ajax, Ontario. Our fully qualified and highly experienced workforce combines the finest materials with a fully personalized service to provide full customer satisfaction with every job. We’ve been solving leaky basement problems for over 25 years. Our services are fully guaranteed, and the results speak louder than words. Our team turns your property’s weaknesses into strengths, using the best knowledge that keeps improving. We get referred all the time. Our clients are extremely satisfied with what we do, therefore nowadays our database contains whole families and even generations. Not to mention friends and employee referrals. You may have one problem, but we have multiple solutions. Whatever wrong is with your basement, Direct Waterproofing has seen and done it, hence there’s always the way, and we definitely know it. Our aim is to eliminate damp, mold, and leak problems using long term solutions that meet your budget and requirements. If you need waterproofing services in Ajax, Direct Waterproofing will deliver a stunning result.

When Might You Need Waterproofing Services In Ajax?

There are many reasons why water can breach your home, especially when it comes to the vulnerable underground areas like the basement. Heavy rainfall, snow, flooding, and sudden temperature changes can all put a strain on your foundations, and create hydrostatic pressure that pushes water into your basement.

Damp and water sometimes finds its way into your walls, or through cracks or leaks, and into your home.

Damp and mold are unpleasant, and can render a room completely useless. They can also be unhealthy, and cause respiratory problems. If you can see damp patches, cracks, leaks, or even pools of water gathering in or around your home in Ajax, then you should definitely consider waterproofing services from Direct Waterproofing.

Fully Personalized Waterproofing Services In Ajax

We understand that every client is different, and every damp problem requires a slightly different approach and solution. We want to solve the problem in the most effective way possible, in line with your requirements and budget. Whatever your problem, we offer a free consultation for waterproofing services in Ajax. There are many services available, and it might be the case that there are multiple solutions that can cure your wet basement. The free consultation allows us to gain a deeper understanding of where and how the damp is getting in, and discuss your options with you.

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