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Your drain carries all of the waste water away from your home, and into the underground sewer mains. It is an essential component of the plumbing, and without it your house wouldn’t function very well.
Homeowners rarely have to think much about their pipes, but if you end up with a clog or block in one of the secondary or main pipes then you will be in trouble, and in the worst case scenario sewage can come back into your pipes and flood your basement, in which case you would need to call for emergency basement waterproofing service.

Signs of Drain Clog

The earlier you can catch the signs of a drain clog, the better. Leave it too late and you will be more likely to experience damage such as sewage backup and other damage. Also, it is more likely that the drain pipe will only need a simple repair rather than full replacement.

Let the plumbing of your home talk to you. If you notice that you have a clogged drain or toilet, strange gargling sounds that suggest plumbing problems, or the water will not drain from the sink or bath, then you may have a drain clog.

If a secondary drain pipe is clogged, then only one or some of your appliances will act funky. For example, you may empty your sink and find that the water gurgles into your bath, but your toilet might still flush fine. If your main pipe is clogged, any waste water in your home may cause problems.

The most obvious sign of a drain clog is when waste water backflows into your basement. If you can help it, you don’t want to wait until this stage. Seek professional drain cleaning services as soon as possible.

Drain Repair & Cleaning Treatments From Direct Waterproofing

A drain runs from your home, outside, and then joins the main lines of your town. It would require extreme excavation work to locate the source of a clog, but luckily we have the technology to do without this.

Using sophisticated CCTV camera inspection, we can take a look in your drain pipes and locate the exact point of the problem. This allows us to apply the cleaning treatment to any and all affected pipes, while minimizing the costs of the job.

We then use a rooter, also known as a drain snaking, in order to remove any debris. The drain snake is a pipe like machine that is fed into your drains, and contains a rotary blade that can make short work of any obstacle that is in the way.

Only in extreme cases of pipe damage do we have to replace and install a new section of pipe. In all cases where we can help it, we use camera inspections and drain snakes in order to clean your drain, and restore your plumbing to its proper functioning.

We Are Here To Provide The Best Drain Repair Services

We also provide other services that might be useful to you in the case of a clogged sewage drain. Our water damage recovery services can make sure any damage is resolved, and your basement can be restored to its pre-incident state if there has been any sewage backup. Contact us at any time to arrange a free consultation, or to benefit from the rapid response of our emergency services.
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