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  • Diagnosis

    Multiple factors can cause water leakage in a basement. One of those causes is rainwater gathering near the foundation and seeping through into the basement foundation and floors.

    Other causes are:

    • Cracks on the basement floors, doors, and windows allowing underground water through
    • Plumbing issues causing the pipes to leak.
    • Dysfunctional sump pumps that are not draining water away from the basement.
    • Poor ventilation in the basement, resulting in excess moisture that condenses into water.

    Each of these problems needs different solutions to be permanently fixed. You need experts to identify those causes correctly; otherwise, your remedial measures could be fruitless. Only professionals with years of experience and extensive knowledge and equipment will be able to determine the causes of the leaks accurately. They are also in a better position to deliver befitting solutions that aren’t trial and error.

  • Preventing Further Damage

    Regardless of the cause, leaks have the potential to cause costly damages if not tackled soon. The best approach is to prevent the damage from happening. If it does, your best solution will be to prevent it from spreading. Prevention will not only save you a lot of money; it will also keep you safe by maintaining the integrity of the property. Proficient waterproofing service providers can prevent damages from happening. Call a team for regular inspections, and they will identify potential problems and solve them before they occur.

  • Satisfaction

    Having a refined team to handle your basement leaks also comes with satisfaction and value for money. Since such issues could damage the foundation and structure of the house, you will rest easy knowing your home is well-protected. You won’t worry about other potential problems like flooding and the financial repercussions they can have on you. You have more time to focus all your attention on other important aspects of your life, such as your career and your loved ones, thus improving your overall quality of life.

How to detect hidden basement leaks in 3 simple steps


    Leaks from the walls are usually some of the hardest to identify unless you pay close attention. However, sometimes the signs will be easy to spot, especially when you have bright colours on the walls. Some of the signs we look for are:

    Chalky substances: The substance, known as efflorescence, is sometimes white in colour. It forms when water reaches the inner walls and dries out, leaving the crystalline substance.

    Discoloration: We also look for staining on the walls as it can also indicate signs of water presence. The stains could be small spots or large ones, depending on the pattern of the damage. The stains are usually caused by acidic water from outside the house. We take care of the problem as quickly as possible to ensure no further damage is done.

    You could also do a simple experiment using foil paper. Seal in aluminum foil and place it on the wall for 48 hours. If you notice moisture on the foil, you’ll know there is moisture on the walls. Contact us the moment you observe this, and we will give you a permanent solution.


    Increasing moisture could be the first sign that your basement isn’t in optimal condition. In most cases, your basement may be damp and cold if it doesn’t have good ventilation and insulation systems. If you have invested in quality systems that have also been installed correctly, there shouldn’t be extra moisture. If there is, the water could be coming from another place, like the foundation or the cracks on the floor allowing water from the ground to reach inside the basement.

    We will start by inspecting the cove area. This area, where the wall and the floor converge, is susceptible to cracking and allowing water in. Our professionals will look for cracks.


    Mould can cause a lot of health issues that range from eye and skin irritation to respiratory tract infections. Different types of moulds produce various types of pores that could have different repercussions. The presence of mould can be identified through a musky smell in the room or dark spots on the walls. We will inspect your basement to determine the type of mould growing there. We will then remove them and ensure they don’t recur.

    It’s not advisable to paint over mould because it will keep spreading as it grows under the paint. Fungi can still be dangerous even if you don’t see them.

  • Trusted Basement Leak Repair Experts in Toronto!

    A basement is prone to flooding, because it is literally the lowest level of a house, sometimes even built underground. Apart from the repairs that will be necessary, imagine also having to get rid of irreplaceable family heirlooms, storage and furniture that were stored in the basement. This is why looking out for basement flooding warning signs is vital to keeping your basement in prime condition. Being well versed in the causes of basement flooding and knowing how to prevent leaks can save you a lot of time and money.
  • We are here to Help

    Here at Direct Waterproofing we can help you prevent leaks and flooding waterproofing your basement. However if your basement has already been damaged then we can also fix that. Check out our list of Waterproofing Services and don’t hesitate to contact us for all your basement and structural needs! With more than 25 years of experience in the industry we have developed unique and advanced solutions for basement water seepage, mold issues, damaged foundations and more. Direct Waterproofing can help you to solve any leak or damp problem in your basement or foundations, including faulty pipe and conduit penetrations.

Basement leak repair cost

Homeowners in Ontario pay an average of $2,500 for basement waterproofing. The amount you pay can be higher or lower depending on the problem being solved and how much work and resources it will take to finish the repairs. Sometimes the costs will be charged according to the footage, but other times, it will be a fixed rate.
  • Exterior waterproofing

    The average cost per linear footage ranges between $100 and $300.

  • Interior waterproofing

    You will pay between $70 and $240 per linear footage.

  • Cracked foundation repairs

    The cost ranges from $250 to $640 per footage. You will pay $500 – $1000 for sealing and $250 – $800 for small cracks repair. You could pay up to $10,000 for extensive foundation damages.

  • Repairing window wells

    The price you’ll pay will be between $1800 to $3800, depending on the size of the window.

  • Plumbing leaks

    Fixing plumbing issues will cost from $150 to $350.

  • Appliance installation

    If you want to prevent water damage by investing in the right appliances like humidity triggered exhaust fans, the price will be between $100 and $500.

  • Installing a sump pump

    To repair or install a sump pump, the cost will range from $600 to $900, but if it includes a tank, the price will be up to $2700. If you want a battery back-up as well, you might pay up to $3500 for the installation.

  • Backwater valve installation

    Installing a backwater valve inside will cost you at least $1800 and at most $2700. If it is outside, the price will be between $2000 and $3200.

  • Sealing air leaks

    To prevent warm air from rising and condensing inside, be ready to pay from $100 to $400.

    We will give you a quote depending on the services you need. You can be sure that our rates will be fair and transparent.

Warning Signs of Basement Water Leaks

Obviously, if water is pooling in your basement then it is probably already too late to look out for basement flooding warning signs and time to call for professional help. Fortunately basement leaks are not uncommon and we are very familiar with all types of flooding. So please see below the Warning Signs to look out for:

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