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At Direct Waterproofing we offer a full range of interior waterproofing solutions that will ensure maximum protection for your home. Our qualified and experienced team of professionals can install full interior wall waterproofing, along with additional solutions such as interior drainage, sump pumps, crack repair, and more. It all depends what you need. Interior waterproofing provides cost effective treatments that can stop water from gaining access to the interior of your property, eliminating the risk of damp and mold.

what is interior waterproofing?

Interior waterproofing is any solution that focuses on the interior of your property. The main treatment involves the use of waterproof materials to add extra layers of protection to your walls. This is combined with effective interior drainage to divert water away from your property. This involves some interior excavation, but doesn’t require as much work as exterior solutions.

Where appropriate, we will also conduct repairs to cracks and gaps in basement walls, which can involve the use of sealant and cement. If water pools in a certain area, our pump and drainage installations can channel water out of your basement.

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Why Might You Need InteriorWaterproofing?

There is nothing worse than a damp and moldy basement; apart from a completely flooded one perhaps! Damp and mold ruin the look of a room, damage the quality of the air, and can even cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Damp problems basically renders a room unusable. Our interior waterproofing can solve damp problems, and restore your basement and home back to a functional and beautiful space.

Exterior waterproofing provides the deepest and most substantial protection against damp and mold, but is not always possible, whether it be due to space or access, soil conditions, or the budget of the client. Interior waterproofing allows us to work from the inside of your home, and requires much less excavation and heavy work, while still providing long lasting protection from leaks and damp.

Interior waterproofing solutions can also be combined with water control methods in order to prevent pools of water form gathering in your basement, and to minimize damage in the event of floods.
If you need a fast and effective solution for damp, mold, leaks, or flood problems, then interior waterproofing may well be your answer!

Personalized InteriorWaterproofing Services

Over our 25 years providing waterproofing services to clients, we have come to realize that every home is different, and every client requires a slightly different solution. This can depend on many factors. At Direct Waterproofing, we make sure we fully analyze your property to pinpoint the problem areas. We also come to understand your aims, and work with you to provide a fully personalized interior waterproofing service that will maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, and ensure a long lasting solution that will keep your home dry and happy.

You may only require a small gap or crack repair, which could be as easy as applying some high quality sealant. You may need a pump system, or drainage in a certain area. Perhaps your foundations are cracked and are letting damp through? Whatever is required, our tailored solutions can accommodate.

In order to do this, we provide you with a free consultation, with no obligation at all. During this meeting, we can assess your property for damage, leaks, damp, and mold, and then discuss the possible options with you. By the end of the consultation, we can offer you a quotation based on the specific work that would best suit your home and your budget.

If you require interior basement wall waterproofing, the procedure is as follows:


    The floor is broken and cement cleared in order to make room for the system that will be installed.


    Holes are drilled in the walls if water needs draining.


    Any interior cracks or gaps, or problem areas that are letting in damp are filled. This can be done with either sealant or hydraulic cement, depending on the size of the damage.


    Delta membranes can then be installed on your basement walls. These provide a waterproof coating that stops water and damp showing in the interior of your home, and also assist in disposing of water build up by directing the flow towards the sump pump system.


    Weeping tiles are installed in the trench in order to redirect the water, and this is connected to a sump pump system to channel water out of your home.


    The weeping tile is covered with gravel for filtration.

Advantages Of Interior Waterproofing

If you are looking for the most complete and long lasting waterproofing solution available, exterior waterproofing is it, but interior waterproofing allows for the problem to be solved in a much more inexpensive way, and still restores your basement to a functional and livable space. The main advantage of interior waterproofing when compared to exterior, is its cost effectiveness. Interior solutions can also be preferable if there is a confined space on the exterior, or if access is not possible. Interior solutions can also be combined way exterior solutions to offer extra protection.
  • Extremely cost effective solutions available.

  • Get rid of harmful mold and damp, and bring health and well being back to your home.

  • Protect your basement from leaks and water damage.

  • Restore the functionality and beauty of your basement room.

  • Increase the value of your home.

Why Choose DirectWaterproofing For Your InteriorWaterproofing ?

Direct Waterproofing provide a service like no one else in Ontario. Our interior waterproofing solutions can efficiently restore your basement, and remove and prevent damp, mold, and mildew. Using only the highest quality materials and most advanced methods for interior waterproofing, our professional team will ensure your problem is solved in no time at all.

We will make your experience as pleasant as possible, and cause minimal disruption to your life, while always making sure we tidy up after a job well done, to leave the area completely plush and clean. After we install our interior waterproofing you can be confident that you won’t experience the damp or mold problem again. To back it up, we give you a 25 year full warranty!

Contact Direct Waterproofing Ontario today, to arrange a free consultation.

Interior Wet Basement Solutions

At Direct Waterproofing, we provide professional quality interior wet basement solutions in Ontario. Using only the finest materials and the latest methods for waterproofing and water control, we make sure we repair and restore your basement to a dry and comfortable state.

Mold and damp problems cause a huge problem for home owners who are looking to utilize their basements. A wet basement will leave belongings ruined, and a space uninhabitable. Even in a room that is unused, damp and mold that is left untreated becomes a health issue, and can also cause damage to the structure of the building.

Interior wet basement solutions from Direct Waterproofing can solve any issues related to damp, leaks, pools of water, and mold.

Every Interior Wet Basement Solution Is Different

Direct Waterproofing Ontario take a personalized approach to your interior wet basement solution. We take into consideration the specific problem areas and leaks, and identify and tackle damp areas and points of entry.

Although we can provide full interior waterproofing for your basement walls and floor, we also ensure that every consideration is taken into account, including the damp problems that you are facing, your goals, and your budget.

In order to make sure that you get exactly what you want, and that your damp problem is solved never to return, we offer a free consultation. This gives us the opportunity to assess the situation, and discuss your interior wet basement solution options with you before implementing the plan.

Interior Wet Basement Solutions

There are many solutions that we can use to make sure your basement is dry and cosy once again! We tailor the solution to your needs, and may use any one or a combination of the following interior waterproofing methods:

Basement Wall Waterproofing:

This is the main type of interior solution available, and provides a layer of waterproof protection that stops damp and mold from reaching the interior of your building. Delta membrane allows the water to flow away from the walls instead of getting trapped. This is combined with a sump pump and weeping tile drainage, which channels the water away from your home, and averts the crisis. The process is described more fully further below.

Foundation Gap & Crack Repairs:

If hydrostatic pressure or damp has already caused damage, then we can repair any gaps and cracks in your foundation walls or ceilings. These cracks are often points of entry for water. In order to repair the damage, we use hydraulic cement for larger cracks, and high quality water tight sealant where it is possible for smaller gaps.

Drainage Systems:

If water builds up in a certain area, a simple drainage system might be the solution. Drainage systems channel water away from your property. They can be combined with sump pumps and basins; the drain takes the water to the pump, which gets rid of the water. This is known as water control. We often use drainage systems in combination with preventative measures such as basement waterproofing.

Sump Pumps:

A sump pump is a brilliant system that removes excess water from your basement, and pumps it outside and away from your home. We can install sump pumps as a quick measure to rid your home of water, or in combination with full interior waterproofing services.

Full Interior Wet Basement Waterproofing Systems

If you require more than just a small repair to a gap in your foundations, and need a lasting interior waterproofing solution that will provide your basement with full protection against damp, then our interior wet basement full systems can do the job. We still personalize the job according to your home, but this is an overview of the main procedure:

Step 1:

The floor around the perimeter that needs the waterproofing will be broken, and the concrete cleared away. This allows us to excavate on the interior of your home. This trench is not too deep, but allows us to accommodate the weeping tiles.

Step 2:

Holes are then drilled in the walls. This serves a very specific purpose. It allows the water that is trapped to be drained away safely.

Step 3:

Any gaps or cracks in the walls of your basement are repaired. In some cases this only requires a water tight sealant. If cracks are larger, we use hydraulic cement in order to restore the walls, and ensure no more water can get through.

Step 4:

A delta drainage membrane is applied to the walls. This stops any water, damp, or mold from reaching the interior of your building, and helps the water to flow off into the weeping tile drainage and pump systems.

Step 5:

Weeping tiles are installed. These are a high quality piping that will soon divert the water away from your home.

Step 6:

The weeping tiles lead to a sump basin, and a sump pump is installed. When the system becomes active, the water will be guided to the pump, and then will be taken outside of your home and deposited in a safe place elsewhere.

Step 7:

The weeping tile is covered with gravel to provide maximum drainage.

Step 8:

Concrete is then poured into the trench to a flush level with the rest of your basement. We make sure we thoroughly tidy up the area, so that your basement is ready to be enjoyed once again!

Interior Wet Basement Solutions – Direct Waterproofing Ontario

If your house is being affected by wet basement problems, and unappealing and unhealthy damp and mold, then our interior basement solutions can provide you with a highly effective and cost efficient solution that will clear up the mess and leave you with a warm, comfortable, and cosy home. All of our interior wet basement solutions come with a 25 year full warranty, so you can be sure that you will be loving the results for years to come.

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