Sump Pump Leaking

Sump Pump Power Failure

Sump pump is one of the best ways for a home that comes under a lot of pressure from floods and heavy rain, to quickly and safely flush out water and move it away from your home. They are not useful for everyone, but for certain homes that need to drain a lot of water. If you do need a sump pump, you will probably know about it!

Homes that have sump pumps installed, often rely heavily on them in the event of a big storm. The problem is, the same storms that they seek to prevent can cause a power failure that renders the pumps useless.

What To Look Out For?

When a sump pump fails, either due to a problem with the individual unit, or because the power to your home has been cut off in a storm, it will just stop working. The pump will no longer divert water away from your home, the sump basin will get full, and water will eventually (or rapidly depending how bad the flooding is) enter your basement.

It is probably best not to wait until this happens to do something about it, or you might end up stood in your basement bailing water out of the window with a bucket. It is wise to have backup sump pump system available just in case.

Sump Pump leaking

Why Does This Happen?

The problem is, typical sump pump systems rely on the electricity mains for power. This is all well and good as long as the power is still on, but storms, lightning, and floods, can all trip the mains and cause power outages. If they last long enough, your basement could flood while the pump is out of use.

Sump pumps may also break if they are badly made, or are cheap models that are not used to dealing with extreme amounts of rain. The motor can have trouble pumping the water out, and they can actually fail. However, the most common cause of failure is power outage.

Sump Pump leaking

What Solutions Are Available?

If you do not have a backup sump pump system available in the event that this happens, then you will be dealing with a flooded basement, and you should ring professionals like Direct Waterproofing and ask for emergency waterproofing services. We may be able to help.

The best advice we can give, is that you do not wait for a flood in order to realize that you really should have a backup system in place. The worse your home tends to suffer from storms and flood water coming in, the more essential it is to have a backup, but we would recommend it to anyone who has a sump pump.

The backup sump pump systems are usually battery powered. A large car-sized battery is connected to a secondary sump pump, which is hung above your main pump. In the event that the power fails, the battery powered pump will kick in and save the day. It doesn’t have the capacity of an electric sump pump, but is useful for when the power fails.

There are also other solutions available, depending on your exact situation and preferences. We can install water-powered, or even generator powered backup sump pumps. If your sump pump’s individual power has failed, we can repair it, or install a new and more sophisticated system for you.

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