Rotted wood

Rotted Wood in Basement

There are many signs to look out for to make sure your basement isn’t leaky or damp. When a leak is left and not treated, it can create more problems, including water damage to your foundations and home. It is a wise move to keep an eye out for problem areas, points of entry, and any indications that water is infiltrating your property.

One sign that you can look for, is rotted wood in your basement. Wood usually rots as a result of damp, or some sort of water-based damage, so if you spot any you could be dealing with a leaky basement.

What To Look Out For?

Have a look around your basement, paying close attention to any areas that have wood, such as beams, rafters, panels, and wood around the edges of the interior. If the wood is damp, flaking away, rotting, or seems to be deteriorating in any way, then your next job will be to locate the source of the problem.

Have a look around the area where you found the rotted wood. Can you see any damp patches, or possible points of entry for water? If there aren’t any immediate signs of damp, wait until a really rainy day and come back. See if there are any leaks.

Dry rot can also occur on wood. This is a certain type of fungi that grows on wood, especially in damp conditions. It consumes the wood, weakens it, and causes it to decay. It is a browny color.

Rotted Wood

Why Does This Happen?

Rotted wood in your basement nearly always happens because of direct contact with water. There could be a leak through a window or crack in the wall, or water could be coming through your wall and pooling or dripping on the wood. Moisture could also be inside the wood itself.

This happens because too much water is finding its way into your walls, and into your basement. There are a number of reasons that this can occur. There might be a leak directly on the wood, or your basement could be really damp and humid, and be promoting the growth of mold and dry rot that can damage the inside of your home.

Whatever the case, it is important to find a solution.

Rotted Wood

What Solutions Are Available?

If you see rotted wood in your basement, then it is damp and leaky, and it may well be time to call in the professionals, who will identify the exact cause of the problem, and apply the best solution. As well as fixing any points of entry and water damage, it is recommended that your basement is properly waterproofed, in order to provide lasting protection against damp.

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