How Drain Snaking and Cleaning Can Save Your Pipes

How Drain Snaking and Cleaning Can Save Your Pipes

Most homeowners never put too much thought concerning the network of water and sewer pipes that run through and over each other inside their walls to deliver hot or cold water and eliminate waste. Clogged drains are a very common plumbing issue at homes. But most people use chemicals to clear the drains and sewers without knowing that some chemicals actually cause erosion to the pipes. Continuous use of such chemicals just worsen the situation.

Homeowners should realize the value of drain cleaning and how to actually do it in order to keep their plumbing systems in efficient working conditions. Through drain snaking and cleaning, you can be able to prolong the life span of your pipes and prevent leaks therefore avoiding paying for repairs that can be very expensive – and even more so with sewer drains that can get clogged (View our sewer drain cleaning services) that will have adverse effects on the flow of water too.

Snaking the drains and cleaning them can save your pipes in the following ways:

Prevents Future Clogging

Clogs can be very annoying as they prevent water passage in your drainage systems causing water to get backed up. This added pressure on your pipes not only stresses them but also shortens their lifespan. Over time, the water will finally stop flowing through drains and when you try to flush your toilet or remove the kitchen sink plug, water will just start backing up in the drains instead of draining away.  Snaking and cleaning the drainage pipes will save you a lot of distress that plumbing issues bring.

Lowers The Cost of Repairs

If your pipes are well maintained, clean, and your drainage system frequently snaked, it saves you from the financial strain of having to deal with repairs every now and then. Plumbing can be a very messy and expensive experience because when your drainage system has not undergone proper drain snaking and cleaning, clogging and leakage are highly recurring issues that will compel you to hire a plumbing company every now and then.

Reduces Health Risk and Spread of Bacteria to Your Pipes

When plumbing pipes fill up, usually the water tends to look for the quickest and easiest way out due to lack of passage. This backed up water will then pour out of the sink drains and toilets, and if the drainage passage is slow or impenetrable, and water becomes too much, it will overflow on to the floors. The overflowing water is gray in colour and is full of bacteria due to mixing with raw sewage. The more the wastewater remains trapped in the drainage system, the more bacteria it gathers from the pipes. This can pose a very dangerous health threat to you and your family and keeping your pipes clean can prevent this.

Maintaining your drainage pipes is very critical and will prevent you a whole lot of plumbing problems in future. Be more informed about your home’s drainage system so that in case of a plumbing emergency, you might have an idea on what to do immediately when the need arises.

However, in order to be on the safe side, contact Direct Waterproofing for available services and advice on drain snaking and cleaning or any other plumbing issue. Call For a FREE Estimate: 416-454-7575

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