Deterioration of carpet or wood

Deterioration of Carpet or Wood Floor

It is recommended that you look out for the signs of a leaky basement. If you catch a damp problem early it can be much easier and cheaper to fix. If you leave water damage it will only get worse, and can ruin your basement, and even cause structural damage to the building’s foundation.

One of the signs to look out for is any sort of deterioration to the carpet in the basement, or to the wood floor. This is a sign that your basement is damp, humid, or even that water is coming up through the floor.

What To Look Out For?

If you use your basement as a bedroom or office, it should be pretty clear to you if the floor is starting to deteriorate. Even if you use your basement as a storage, it is always worth checking for any signs of leaks.

The easiest way to check your carpet is just to walk around and have a look. See if you can see any damp, mold, or deterioration of any sort. You could take a good sniff too and see if it smells musty and moldy.

If wooden floors have come under damage from water, then they may be rotting away, or show signs of dry rot, a brown colored type of fungus that lives and consumes wood.

If you see that your carpet or wood floor is coming under damage, then you might also want to look for the source of entry for water, and look for further clues as to how and why your basement is damp. There may be a direct leak on a certain patch of carpet, a general dampness to the whole room, or damp patches in certain exposed areas.

Deterioration of carpet or wood

Why Does This Happen?

Your carpet usually becomes damp, moldy, or starts to deteriorate because your basement is damp.

Water can enter your home in a number of different ways. Your window well could be leaking, your drainage could be broke, or your waterproofing could be inadequate, and allowing damp to come through your walls. Water can even come through your floors if there is enough hydrostatic pressure from ground water.

There are many different causes of a damp basement. Contacting an expert will help you to identify the problem, and apply the best solution.

Deterioration of carpet or wood

What Solutions Are Available?

The solution that will be applied by professionals will depend on the exact problem that is causing your basement carpet or floor to become damp and ruined. There is very little point replacing your carpet without actually addressing the damp itself. If you do, the new carpet will soon suffer the same fate.

Proper drainage and waterproofing is the optimal way to prevent damp and leaks. Using interior or exterior solutions, or a combination, Direct Waterproofing can make sure your basement is never damp or leaky again.

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