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Window Well Sign of Leak

You might use your basement for storage, or it might be one of your favorite rooms in the house, but whatever the case you want to keep it dry. There are many signs of a leaky basement, and if you can spot them early you might be able to save work later on. Direct Waterproofing offer a full range of basement waterproofing services in Ontario.

A common way in which water can get into your home, is through a window well. A window well is designed to drain water away from any window that is even partially below grade. The well traps dirt and debris, and drains away water using a weeping tile system. If it is badly built, or the drainage is broken or clogged, then you may encounter problems.

What To Look Out For?

A window well leak is pretty easy to spot, because you will notice water coming directly in to your home around where the well is located. You may see damp or gray patches and stains on the inside of the wall, or water may leak in directly on rainy days.

If you suspect a leaky window well, you may be able to confirm this by taking a look at the well from the outside after heavy rainfall. Is water pooled in the well? If so it will find its way into your basement one way or another.

Why Does This Happen?

There are a few reasons why a window well can leak. It may not have been built adequately in the first place. Bad workmanship could mean that the well is not properly fastened to the wall, or has not got the right sort of drainage to stop water from pooling.

Your window well may also have got damaged over time, or the drains could be badly clogged. This can cause water to gather in the well, defeating its purpose. When water pools like this, it can seep in through the walls, the window frame, or through the window itself.

This can lead to damp problems in your basement, especially around the affected area.


What Solutions Are Available?

The primary solution to a window well leak is to install a new well that has the quality of build, and drainage, to carry water away from your home like it should do. Direct Waterproofing can make repairs to your existing window well, install new drainage, or install a whole new window well system, depending on what is required.

We will discuss your options with you, and confirm the water damage with a free consultation. We will then excavate down to the weeping tiles, and unblock them or replace them as required, before installing your window well, and backfilling everything level and tidy.

If there is any damage to your foundations or basement due to the window well leak, we can also repair this for you, to restore your home to its former glory.

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