Window Well Leak Waterproofing

Window Well Leak Waterproofing System

A window well allows your basement windows to let light and air into the room, while also providing water control to stop water leaking in around them. Any windows that are below or partially below ground level should have a window well system.

Why Are Window Well Systems Used?

Window well systems are used in order to accommodate windows that are at or below ground level. If you want to use your basement for a functional room, for example, then you will want a window that lets in plenty of light and air. Any window at or below the ground needs a window well.

The earth therefore needs to be dug out for the window, but this will be supported by a window well. This allows you to lower the grade around the window, but not around the whole foundation. The well also captures and channels water away using drainage, and therefore offers waterproof protection for your basement. Without a window well system, water would probably leak in through the window.

How Does Window Well Systems Work?

A window well system is fairly simple, but requires excavation and a professional approach to installation. The ground around the window is dug down to the footing, and the window well installed. Drainage is put into place, which will carry any collected water away from your home. The window well is then filled with gravel to filter the water down.

This means that a window well system will give you water control around your window, and will let in light to your basement, but the grade only needs to be lowered.

Window Well System Installations & Repairs

At Direct Waterproofing we offer services in which we can repair your existing window well, or install an entirely new window well system. It is imperative that window wells are installed on all windows that are at or below grade, so if you don’t currently have one, then you should contact us right away.

Over time, due to either shoddy workmanship, or to clogs of debris in the drain pipes, your window well might stop working. If this happens water can pool in the well, defeating its purpose and causing leaks into your basement. If this happens then you will need to seek repairs.


If your window well system is broken, or water is pooling in the well, then we may be able to fix it by unclogging the drains, or by installing a new drain pipe.


In the event that your existing window well is beyond repair, we can install the finest new wells around. Our window wells are durable, the drainage is advanced, and the systems are professionally installed to provide maximum protection, and to make sure you never get a leaky window again.

Direct Waterproofing For Window Well Systems

Direct Waterproofing have over 25 years experience serving the people of Ontario, and we are happy to be able to bring you the most robust and cost effective window well systems around.

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