Why Is It Important To Repair Foundation Leaks?

Foundation leaks can be caused by a number of different factors. Lack of drainage, or poorly functioning guttering can create water pools against your home, as can improper grading.

Heavy rainfall can find its way in through gaps and cracks, and various other entry points, always taking the easiest route. Basements are especially susceptible, as they lie beneath the ground, and are vulnerable to hydrostatic pressure from soil and water. Put simply, if your foundation walls happen to be the path of least resistance for the water, then you might be in trouble!

There are many signs of leaks to watch out for in your home. The most obvious is a visible leak in a certain place, or a pool of water that gathers in your basement. You may also want to look for damp patches on the floor and walls and gaps and cracks in foundations.

Water pooling against your foundations on the outside of your home is often an early sign that a leak might occur in the future, and so you might want to consider a solution even if there is no visible water damage inside your home.

How A Leaky Basement Foundation Can Ruin Your Home

When you notice the signs of leaky foundations, it is important to have your them repaired as soon as possible. Many people are tempted to leave a problem until it becomes severe, but this is never a wise idea. A leak will not fix itself, and will only continue to develop and do more water damage to your home.

If you want to understand the importance of repairing foundation leaks, then consider the ways in which a leaky foundation can ruin your home.

  • Flooding & Water Pools: Untreated leaks will be left to pool in your basement, and heavy rainfall or flooding will make the situation even more serious. This water damage is obviously unpleasant, but can also render a room totally useless.
  • Ruin Functionality Of Room: Whether you just store your old record collection in the basement, or you use it daily as an office or a bedroom, a leak will soon mean it can no longer serve its purpose. Your belongings will not be safe, and the environment will become undesirable and unhealthy to live in.
  • Damage Other Materials: The water damage may extend beyond the source of entry. If water leaks onto other building materials in your basement then you can be assured of more hassle, such as wood paneling or dry wall.
  • Cracked Foundations & Structural Damage: If the damp or leak is coming through the foundation walls due to poor drainage or excessive pressure, then the water could eventually cause large cracks in your foundation, and even detriment the structural integrity of your home. If you think a wet patch in your basement is the worst that a leak can do, think again!
  • Odor: Damp smells bad. Enough said!
  • Mold & Mildew: Speaking of bad smells, mold and mildew are also pretty unpleasant on the nostril. They also look awful too. Did we mention they are bad for health? Both can come about if leaks are left untreated. Mold is a living organism, and so once it starts to take hold can spread fast. It decreases the air quality in your home, and can cause respiratory problems, especially in asthma sufferers.
  • Home Depreciates In Value: A leak is obviously going to raise red flags if you sell your home, and so will any structural, aesthetic, or foundational damage that occurs as a result. You might be trying to avoid costs by not treating a leak, but this will cost you more in the long run.
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Is It Time To Call In The Experts?

You may choose to employ a DIY solution, and these can work to some effect if the problem is minor. However, professionals like Direct Waterproofing can offer a number of top quality interior and exterior solutions and foundation repairs in order to make sure your foundations never leak again.

If you have any signs of leaks then you should have them repaired as soon as possible. Many people also choose to have waterproofing treatments as a preventative measure, adding comfort, security, and value to their home in the process.

Direct Waterproofing operate have 25 years experience repairing leaks and installing interior and exterior waterproofing solutions in Ontario. We offer a free consultation that allows us to assess the cause of the leak, and discuss appropriate waterproofing solutions with you. Contact us today to find or more, or to arrange a free consultation.
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