What You Should Know About Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to basement waterproofing, there can be quite a lot to take in. There are a lot of methods available, including home products that you can quickly apply, and professional solutions that provide lasting results.

If you notice signs of wetness or damp in your basement, against the outside of your home, or in your foundation walls, then you might wonder how best to proceed? Can the problem be left, or should you think about fixing it? What treatments are best for you, and is it time to call in the experts?

Here is a quick guide that can help you to come to terms with what you really need to know about basement waterproofing.

What Should You Do When You Notice A Problem?

For anyone who is experiencing dampness, pools of water inside your home, or any sort of water damage to your foundations, it may be time to seek basement waterproofing. Many people choose to ignore the problem, and as a result the water damage tends to get worse, jeopardizing the structure of your home, and spoiling the inside of your house with dampness and mold.

One thing is for sure. Ignoring a wet basement problem is never a good idea!

When you notice a problem, it is a good idea to find the source of the leak or damp. Look for wet patches against your home, or on your walls, and try to decipher points of entry.

In the case of a small problem, you could attempt to solve it yourself. For example, a small leak through a gap in foundations might be fixable with a little sealant. If water is leaking from gutters then you might simply be able to unblock them.

However, on most occasions, especially if you do not feel confident tackling the damp yourself, you should call the professionals.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

There is a much wider range of basement waterproofing solutions available when you call in the pros. Take a look at some of the potential solutions that you will be offered, depending on your problem, requirements, and intentions for your home.

Exterior Waterproofing:

Exterior waterproofing is one of the primary and most substantial treatments for a wet basement. It involves the use of waterproof membranes which are applied to the external walls. Drainage systems are also installed, which channel the blocked water away from your home. This is the most costly but most all-round effective treatment, and keeps dampness and water out of your foundations and basement for life.

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Interior Waterproofing:

There are also a range of interior waterproofing solutions available. The traditional method is tanking, in which a waterproof layer is coated on the inside of the walls to create a barrier. This method has been superseded by modern interior water control methods, which work on draining water from your foundations and basements with drainage systems, and sometimes sump pumps. This can be further enhanced by waterproof membranes, which work like an umbrella to waterproof your basement.

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Interior Waterproofing

Foundation Repairs:

If the cause of a leak or damp patch is cracks in your foundations, or the foundations have been sustained water damage, then you may require foundation repair as part of your waterproofing treatment. This involves the use of hydraulic cement or high quality resin, in order to fill the cracks and maintain the structure.

Other basement waterproofing treatments may include the use of french drains, window wells, weeping tiles, and sump pumps, either as individual treatments, or as part of a larger waterproofing solution for your home.

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Crack Repair

Treatment Depends On Your Situation & Aims

Before you get baffled by the range of basement waterproofing treatments available, don’t despair! The treatment that is best for you will depend on the specific problem at hand.

Some treatments have an obvious solution. For example, flood damage in your basement will almost always require the installation of a sump pump, while water pooling against your foundations will usually require proper drainage.

Your aims are also a factor. Do you want to solve the problem as cost effectively as possible? Or do you want a full exterior treatment that ensures water damage is something of the past? Your preferences will play a role in how you treat the situation.

Direct Waterproofing offer a consultation phase which allows us to analyze the problem, and discuss all of your options with you.

Why Are Professional Waterproofing Treatments Recommended?

In most cases, a DIY treatment will not actually solve the problem in the long term, especially if the issue is anything other than very minor. The range of professional waterproofing treatments available above will give superior protection when compared with simple home products applied with little experience.

If you are looking for interior drainage systems, or full exterior waterproofing, then it is definitely time to look to the experts for help. Most of the time you will also be given a warranty.

Direct Waterproofing offer a 25 year warranty on all of our work, so the you can rest assured that your basement waterproofing will definitely solve the issue, and keep water away from your home for decades to come. Beats slapping on some waterproof paint and hoping for the best any day! Contact us today to arrange a free consultation, or to find out more about basement waterproofing in Ontario.
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