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Wet Basement Treatments

There are many basement treatment options available if your home is suffering from damp, pooled water, or if you require a preventative measure against future water damage.

Water damage can come in many different forms, and can have a number of causes. When water pools against the outside of your home, it can eventually find its way in through the walls. Hydrostatic pressure from soil and water can push damp through into your basement. Severe rainfall and floods can cause water to enter at weak points.

Whatever the cause of your water damage problem, you can rest assured that there is a wet basement treatment available for you.
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Exterior Wet Basement Treatments

Exterior waterproofing treatments are one of the main ways you can permanently solve your wet basement. This method tends to be much more costly, as it requires a lot of work, such as excavation on the outside of your home, but the results are fantastic.

The main exterior wet basement treatment utilizes waterproofing membranes, which are applied to the outside walls of the property to stop water from entering. French drains are then installed, which channel the blocked water away from your home.

The exterior waterproofing treatment will leave the inside home completely free from any water, and provide the maximum structural benefits for your property. It is a lifelong solution that will add value to your home, as well as making sure it always stays dry.

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Other Exterior Wet Basement Treatments

As well as the main exterior wet basement treatment, you might find that you can address water damage problems from the outside of your home in a number of ways.

Window Wells:
Window wells can often be a place where water can build up and leak into your basement. This can happen if the well is badly designed, or the drainage damaged or blocked. Unblocking drainage and installing new window wells can help to stop water pooling.

French Drains:
French drains are usually installed as part of the main exterior wet basement treatment, but can also be used as a separate treatment when water pools in your yard or against your home.

If the grading around your home allows water to collect in certain areas, especially against your foundations, then proper grading may be an appropriate treatment.

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Interior Wet Basement Treatments

Another effective type of wet basement treatment, and a hugely popular option for a lot of homeowners. Interior wet basement treatments tend to be very cost effective and accessible, and provide great water control that keeps damp and wet pools away from your basement.

Most interior wet basement treatments are actually water control methods, which carry water via drainage systems rather than actually block the water. These include the installation of drainage systems, and perhaps sump pump systems.

The full interior waterproofing method involves the use of delta membranes or cavity walls against your inside basement walls, in order to allow water to drain out of your foundation walls and into an integrated drainage system.

Other Interior Wet Basement Treatments

As well as the full interior waterproofing treatment, you may find the following beneficial as individual treatments.

Sump Pumps:
Sump pumps make an excellent solution if your home comes under damage from very heavy rainfall or flooding, and can deal with even extreme situations. The treatment ensures the water is pumped away from your home.

Weeping tiles and french drains are often used as interior wet basement treatments. They are contained in a trench under the floor, and safely carry water away.

Foundation Crack Repair:
This is a big one for anyone who is serious about keeping their basement dry. Cracks and gaps can form in foundations as a home settles, or due to pressure from soil and water. Repairing these cracks is crucial to keeping water out, and keeping your home stable and sturdy. Hydraulic cement or epoxy resin can be applied to the cracks.

What Wet Basement Treatment Is Right For Me?

With so many wet basement treatments on offer, how do you know which one if right for you? A professional evaluation will certainly help to clarify this. Sometimes the problem is really obvious, such as a leak through a window well. The solution will therefore be to fix the window well.

However, there will often be several options available to you for wet basement treatments, depending on your preferences and intentions. For example, you might opt for an interior solution in order to deal with a water damage problem quickly and cost effectively, or you might choose an exterior one to permanently rectify all dampness in your foundations.

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