The Impact Of Waterproofing Your Foundations

A lot of people have a basement, but not as many realize the importance of having their basement foundations waterproofed in order to protect their home.

Water damage can come in many different shapes and sizes, from tiny little leaks to full blown flood damage. Water can find its way into your foundation walls, where it can eventually dampen the interior of the building and cause damage to the structure.

Waterproofing your foundation can have a tremendous impact on your home, and can help you to negate the risks of water damage, and rid your basement of damp and mold for good.
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What Is Foundation Waterproofing?

Foundation waterproofing is a term used to describe several different treatments which all aim to prevent or redirect water away from your home.

Exterior waterproofing is the highest standard of treatment, and involves the use of waterproofing layers applied to the external foundation walls, along with outdoor drainage systems to channel water away.
Interior waterproofing may involve the use of waterproof membranes on the inside of your basement walls, along with drainage systems, and perhaps the use of a sump pump if water pooling is severe.

Basement Wall Systems

Foundation cracks and gaps, faulty window wells, broken drainage, and poor grading can also lead to water damage and leaky basements, and so waterproofing may also involve fixing any of these.

Foundation waterproofing treatments may involve the use of one or more waterproofing techniques in order to achieve the desired results, which is to keep water well away from the inside of your home.

Benefits Of Foundation Waterproofing

There are many benefits to having your foundations waterproofed. If you see signs of water damage, damp, or leaks, then you should definitely seek a solution as soon as possible, before any more damage occurs. You may also want to consider foundation waterproofing as a preventative measure, in order to make sure you don’t suffer any damage in the future.

Whether you are already experiencing dampness or leaks or you are looking for prevention, and whether you opt for interior or exterior waterproofing solutions, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Improve The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

    Many people only consider the aesthetic damage that is caused when water finds its way into your foundations, but one of the main and most costly effects can actually be to the very structure of your home. Water can cause large foundation cracks and strains, and can eventually make your house unstable. Foundation waterproofing will ensure your foundations are well protected, and will relieve hydrostatic pressure  that can damage your home’s structure.

  • Keep Your Basement Functional

    Water that finds its way into your basement can quickly render a room unusable, and can damage any belongings that you keep there, whether in storage or in your bedroom. The room will look and smell undesirable and water could pool in certain areas. Waterproofing your foundations can restore the functionality of your basement, and protect your stuff.

  • Open Up A Whole New World

    If you only use your basement as storage, or as a sweaty room that nobody really goes in, then foundation waterproofing could open up a whole new world for you. Waterproofing is the first step to converting your basement into a room that you will love, giving you a warm, dry, and cosy space with which to work with.

  • Prevent Mold

    Dampness in your foundations and basement can lead to mold problems, and you really don’t want that! Mold can spread once it appears, and is very unhealthy to breathe in. It can cause anything from mild breathing problems, to more serious afflictions, and is especially harmful to those with asthma. Waterproofing your foundation will stop damp from reaching your interior, and will therefore prevent mold from invading your space too.

  • Maintains & Increases The Value Of Your Home

    All of that added protection is also going to bring you another bonus. The value of your home will not degrade due to water damage, and should retain its price much easier. A decent waterproofing treatment will also increase the value of your home, especially in the case of exterior waterproofing, which is a hot selling point.

  • Long Lasting Peace Of Mind

    Once your foundations have been properly waterproofed, you can rest your mind knowing that your walls and basement are protected from water damage, and then your basement will remain livable for a long time to come. This is especially true if you work with professionals in order to implement a serious waterproofing treatment.

Will I Benefit More From Professional Waterproofing Treatments?

To put it simply, yes professional waterproofing solutions will likely have a much more profound and positive impact on your home. At Direct Waterproofing we work with the highest grade materials, and install strategic foundation waterproofing systems that will give you the most benefits, while sticking to your aims and your budget.

We offer a 25 year warranty on all of our work. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation, or to find out more about how waterproofing your foundations could positively impact your home, and your life.
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