How Foundation Leak Repair Works

Foundation leaks, or dampness caused by water that finds its way into your foundations, is a major cause for concern for any homeowner. The consequences can be severe, and a leak can quickly make a basement unusable, and even cause long term damage to the structure of your home.

If you see any signs of foundation damage, damp, or leaks, then it is best to seek a solution as soon as possible. Water damage only gets worse if left untreated.

It is possible to fix some minor foundation leaks on your own, if you have the right tools and materials and you know what you are doing. However, a professional solution is highly recommended, as the experts generally work with the highest quality materials, and know how to pull off a job with precision to give a long lasting result.
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From Problem To Solution

If you decide to hire professionals to waterproof your foundations and fix your leak, then you can expect them to first visit and inspect your property for damage. It is impossible to know exactly what the solution is before assessing the problem. Therefore, you can expect the following procedure when you seek help from experts like Direct Waterproofing:

Direct Waterproofing Consultation

  • You can arrange a free consultation, in which we can inspect your foundations for water damage, and discuss possible treatment options with you.
  • Based on the assessment, and on your own preferences, a solution will be decided on. We can then offer you a free quotation on the treatment.
  • We will come back at a time convenient to you, and start work. We will complete the work in the given timeframe, with the least disruption to your life, and with the highest regard for the end result.
  • We never leave your home in an untidy or unfinished state. We always bring everything up to flush, and leave your basement just as it was before we began.

How Do Interior Foundation Repairs Work?

Interior foundation repairs are waterproofing treatments that are applied from the inside of your building. You may not require the full treatment to fix a small leak, and sometimes you will need extra systems to cover severe water damage, but the general procedure is as follows:

The floor in your basement is broken, and the cement cleared away to prepare for the work.

Basement floor drilling

The floor in your basement is broken, and the cement cleared away to prepare for the work.

Interior Excavation

Small holes are drilled in your walls to allow any trapped water to drain away. Drilling holes sound counter intuitive, but trapped water can cause serious damage, and needs to be dealt with.

Drilling holes in the wall

If there are any gaps or cracks in your home’s foundations, then these are filled in. This is done using either hydraulic cement, sealant, or resin, depending on the size of the crack. The idea is to fill the crack and provide structural support.

Fixing Wall Cracks

Delta membrane layers can be added to your inside walls for extra protection. They work like an umbrella to catch water that seeps through foundation walls, and divert it to the drainage, where it can be carried out.

Delta Membranes Installation

Weeping tiles and drainage systems are installed in the trench. This allows water to flow safely out of and away from your home. The drainage is covered with gravel for filtration. Drainage systems may also utilize sump pumps, which can pump large amounts of water out in the case of very heavy rainfall or floods.

Sump Pump, Gravel filling

The outside of your home is excavated along the foundations, down to the footings, to prepare for the work.

Direct Waterproofing manager inspection

How Do Exterior Foundation Repairs Work?

Exterior foundation repairs are the grand daddy of them all. They work on the outside of the building in order to waterproof foundation externally, preventing water from entering your walls at all. Exterior waterproofing is the most expensive treatment, but provides true lasting protection and is the most valuable in terms of structural integrity, and ensuring no problems ever occur.

The general exterior foundation repair procedure goes like this:

The outside of your home is excavated along the foundations, down to the footings, to prepare for the work.


The external walls are washed and powerblasted clean, to expose the bare concrete.

wall cleaning

If there are any gaps in the wall, then these are filled, usually with hydraulic cement.

Crack repairing

The waterproofing is then fitted to the walls in layers, to provide a full waterproof jacket that doesn’t let water even touch your walls. A yellow jacket is fitted, and then another layer of waterproofing. We use high grade aquabloc at Direct Waterproofing.

Bakor Yellow Jacket Mesh applying

A delta membrane is fitted, which acts to divert water like an umbrella.

Platon membrane installation

Drainage systems are installed in the trench in order to divert any water pools away from your home, and add further protection. This is covered with gravel.

Exterior Weeping Tile Installation

The trench is filled back in, and everything is tidied up. There you have it! You now have a fully waterproof home.

manager inspection

If you require interior or exterior waterproofing services in Ontario, contact Direct Waterproofing today and arrange a free consultation.
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