Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program Toronto

Many homeowners in Toronto experience basement flooding and other drainage problems. This can be due to changes in the water pressure, an overworked sewage system that backflows, and damage from severe weather and floods.

In recent years, these problems have only got worse, and the City of Toronto has recognized that something needs to be done. They are focused on making improvements to the city’s pipes and sewers, but they recognize that this is not going to stop the risk of flood damage in private residences.

Their solution is to offer a basement flooding protection subsidy program, which offers homeowners the chance to have flood prevention devices installed at a highly reduced cost, with the City paying for most of the costs, up to $3,400 overall per property. The subsidies are available for sump pumps, backwater valves, and pipe severance and capping.

In order to qualify for the scheme, you need to be a registered homeowner, and meet the City of Toronto’s conditions. For the most part, this just means owning an existing single family, duplex, or triplex home in Toronto, working with a fully licensed and registered contractor like Direct Waterproofing, and sending off the application for the subsidy.

You can download the application form from the City of Toronto website here, and if you have any concerns we can help you with the application process.

Sump Pump Subsidy Program

Sump pumps are an incredible device that quickly pump water out of your basement and away from your home. They are connected to drainage, which channels the water towards the sump pit, and then is pumped out. They are extremely useful in the event of basement flooding.

Backup sump pumps can also be installed so that your home is still protected if the power goes out in a storm.

Sump pump subsidies are available that cover up to 80% of the total invoice, to a maximum value of $1,750. You can use the subsidy for:

Direct Waterproofing Sump Pump Installation

Valve Backflow Prevention Subsidy

In order to prevent sewage backflow into your basement, we can install a backwater valve. These devices are highly effective, and stop any water being able to flow back up your pipes in the event of floods or other mishaps. A flap installed in the pipe allows water to flow as usual away from your home, but if water comes back up as backflow the flap floats up and stops it.

As a highly effective flood prevention technique, the backwater valve is highly subsidized by the City of Toronto. Again, they offer a subsidy of up to 80% off the total invoice for the work, this time up to a value of $1,250.

Backwater Valve

Take Advantage Of The Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

The City of Toronto offer these huge subsidies because they know that it will save time and money in the future to have these flood protection devices installed now, rather than waiting for floods and severe weather to cause more damage. They have the right idea.

These installations can stop your home from coming under damage; damage which is ultimately preventable. With a sump pump to stop flood water, and a backwater valve to stop sewage backflow, you can be sure that your home stays safe and secure, and your basement stays dry.

In order to take advantage of the subsidy programs, you have to work with a registered and licensed contractor like Direct Waterproofing. We can guide you through the application process, and are approved for the subsidy, which means you only pay 20 percent of the costs of this crucial flood prevention work.

Direct Waterproofing have over 25 years experience keeping basements dry in Toronto. With our experience and high quality flood prevention devices, we can make sure your home is well protected and all with the subsidy program in place to cover the finances. Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange a free consultation.
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