Crack Repair Systems

Crack Repair Systems

You may have noticed cracks or gaps forming in your foundation walls? This is never a good sign. There a number of different reasons why a crack can form, but whatever the case you will always want to seek a professional crack repair system that can repair any damage, and restore the structural stability to your home.

Direct Waterproofing work with crack repair systems that will keep your home safe, and will help your foundations to stay strong well into the future.


Why Do Cracks Form In Your Foundations?

There can be different reasons why cracks for form in your foundations, including:


Your foundations rest on footings, which happen to sit in the soil underneath your house. If the soil becomes very damp, then the foundations can ‘settle’, and cause the walls to crack. The soil can also expand and contract irregularly, and cause pressure on the foundations.


One of the reasons why soil saturation can occur, is because of inadequate drainage – which is needed to carry water away from your property. A lack of waterproofing on your walls can also cause water to find its way in and cause damage.


If your foundations have been poorly constructed, then they could weaken over time. The concrete should be well made, otherwise it can shrink and cause cracks as it dries.


Earthquakes, floods, and bad storms can all cause a sort of natural damage to foundations.

In any event, if you notice a crack, gap, or flaw in your foundation walls or floor, you should seek out a crack repair system. Direct Waterproofing can repair cracks or gaps in order to prevent further damage, stop damp and leak problems, and restore the structural integrity of your home.

What Crack Repair Systems Are Available?

Some people prefer to apply DIY crack repair methods, which is usually a sealant. The problem is, these sealants will not provide much stability for your foundations, and are often low grade. The crack will likely reemerge, and the problem will not be solved.

Professional crack repair systems seek to apply the appropriate treatment for the size and type of crack. We can analyze the damage, and suggest and implement the most effective crack repair system. We offer the following services:


We use professional grade sealant for small defects and gaps. This will give a waterproof seal.


For more substantial cracks and gaps, we suggest the use of hydraulic cement, which we can expertly apply. The cement expands in the crack, keeps water out, and provides structural support by bonding with the concrete.


Our most advanced crack repair system, epoxy injection uses a special resin, and is usually used for large cracks. A surface layer is created over the crack and sealed, and then we inject the resin from the bottom upwards, until the whole crack is fully filled.

We also suggest that you solve the actual problem. A crack repair system can solve the damage to foundations, but your home may also need additional drainage or waterproofing techniques in order to stop it from happening again.

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