Over Top of the Wall Leaking

Over Top of Wall

There are many warning signs that your basement is leaky, each of which will help you to identify the problem at hand. Direct Waterproofing can help you to confirm any signs, and provide fast and professional solutions that will ensure your property remains free from damp.

One of the signs to look out for, is water coming into your basement over the top of your foundation wall.

What To Look Out For?

It is usually quite an obvious problem when water is coming in over the top of your wall, but as with all basement leaks it is always better to catch it sooner rather than later, so that no further damage is caused.

Look out for water coming in over the top of the wall in between the concrete and the wooden sill plate. Water will leak from the top, and you may see some obvious damp or drips underneath as it spills down.

Why Does This Happen?

Water can leak over your foundation wall for a number of different reasons. A lot of the problems are to do with the grading. If the soil grade is higher than the foundations, then the water and soil can create a pressure that forces water through the weak spot between the top of the wall and the sill.

The second major cause is when water pools against your home above grade. Again, the grading could to be blame, if it does not encourage water to flow away from the property. A leaking downspout, an improperly installed decking or exterior feature, or heavy rainfall combined with a lack of adequate drainage can all cause serious problems.

If you see water coming through the top of your foundation walls, you can go outside and see whether you can see any of the causes described above.

What Solutions Are Available?

If water is leaking in through the top of your foundation wall, then it will eventually render your basement useless, creating damp and mold problems that can damage the room. If you see any signs of leaks then contact Direct Waterproofing today. We offer a full range of solutions that can help. We identify and confirm the problem, and then discuss your options with you.


    We can improve the grading of your home so that water and soil do not push against the property and cause leaks.

    We apply top quality drainage systems, extended downspouts, and anything else needed to divery water away from your home, and make sure it doesn’t pool against the foundation walls.

    We have both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions available which can ensure a long term damp free basement. Any water that does touch your walls, will never enter your home.

    If there has been any damage to your home as a result of water coming over the top of your walls, then we can cure it with solutions to repair your foundations and wall cracks.
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