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Leaking Mortar Joint

There’s nothing like damp and leaks to spoil a basement. There can be many ways in which water can enter your foundations and home, and many reasons why this can occur. One possible point of entry is through mortar joints.

This can occur if your property’s foundations are built using cinder block, brick, or stone rather than concrete. Water can find its way in through the mortar, and eventually seep into your basement.

mortar joint

What To Look Out For?

Most of the time the signs of a leaking mortar joint will be fairly easy to spot. Here is what to look out for:

  • Certain bricks or blocks appear to be wet, especially around the mortar.
  • If you notice some bricks deteriorating quicker than the rest of the wall, then this could be a point of entry. The mortar could also be wearing away on some bricks.
  • You may notice water stains on the inside walls, and further inspection may reveal that water has come through the mortar.
  • Water can find its way right through the mortar, and end up running down the walls and pooling in your basement. If you have puddles underneath wet bricks, then you have a bad leak that is probably related to the mortar joint.
  • If you have a block wall it can be more difficult to diagnose the problem. In this case, water can leak through the mortar and then through the hollows of the brick, and can then appear on the interior of your home several feet away from the actual point of entry.

Why Does This Happen?

Your mortar joint can leak for several reasons. Mortar can simply deteriorate over time, especially if badly weathered and subject to harsh conditions. Bad workmanship may also contribute to the mortar giving way quicker, especially if they lay it too thin, or use bad quality materials.

Basically, if water pools against your home, or heavy rain causes the exterior walls to come under assault, then water will take the path of least resistance. This could be through the brick itself, or it could be through the mortar. Water will find a path.

This is why is is important to have the proper waterproofing and drainage systems in place to prevent water from finding a path through your walls and mortar, and into your home.

What Solutions Are Available?

No matter what the problem, Direct Waterproofing can provide a highly effective solution that will make sure your home stays dry. In the case of leaking mortar joints, there are several solutions that we might implement. You can arrange a consultation with us so that we can diagnose and confirm the problem, and discuss possible solutions with you fully.

Solution options could involve interior waterproofing, such as delta membrane walls to channel the water into a drainage. We can install weeping tiles that will safely and discreetly carry water away from your property.

Exterior waterproofing is also an option. We can fully waterproof your exterior walls with a membrane that will ensure water never even touches your actual foundations. This is a highly effective solution, especially when combined with exterior drainage to stop water from pooling against your home.

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