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Basement Waterproofing North York

At Direct Waterproofing we provide expert interior and exterior waterproofing in North York, along with a range of other solutions to protect and enhance your foundations and basement.

Water flows where it experiences the least resistance. If this happens to be against your walls, or into your house, then there will be trouble! Our job is to stop water from finding a route near or into your home, by using advanced waterproofing and water control solutions.

For waterproofing services in North York, no company quite does the job as well as Direct Waterproofing.

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When Might You Need Waterproofing Services In North York?

If you see any signs of damp or pools of water against or inside your home, then it is a good idea to seek a solution as soon as possible. It can be tempting to leave a problem unsolved, but damp only gets worse if left to its own devices.

Damp and mold are unhealthy, and create a bad quality of musty air, as well as a cold chill. Along with the bad look that it brings to a room, damp will pretty much render your basement unusable, and can also lead to long term structural damage to your property.

Whatever the problem, Direct Waterproofing can implement a solution that is cost effective, and which fully solves the damp or wet basement issue, leaving you with a warm and cosy home once again.

Fully Personalized Waterproofing Services In North York

Our waterproofing services in North York are tailored to you. We assess the damage, and analyze the causes and points of entry. This allows us to determine appropriate solution options, and discuss these with you to come to a conclusion about how best to waterproof your home.

Total customer satisfaction is our aim, and we achieve this by combining the latest highly effective solutions, with a personalized service that accounts for all of your requirements.

We offer a free consultation in order to make this happen. Once we understand the problem, we can offer you an accurate quotation based on your preference for solution.

Waterproofing Services Available In North York

We have a full range of waterproofing services available in North York, from full scale exterior waterproofing, to the installation of a new drain. Take a look at what we offer:

  • Exterior Waterproofing:

    The exterior waterproofing is our lifelong solution that guarantees a home free from damp and leaks. We excavate at the outside of the property, and install several layers of high grade aquabloc waterproofing on the exterior walls, along with drainage systems to divert the blocked water away. This gives your home a waterproof jacket that stops water from even touching your exterior walls!

  • Interior Waterproofing:

    There are many techniques that can be combined to create a perfect interior waterproofing and water control system in your home. We focus on draining your walls of water, and channeling the water away from your home using weeping tiles, drains, and sometimes pumps. We can also add a delta membrane to reduce the risk of water damage. Interior waterproofing solutions in North York are an extremely popular choice.

  • Foundation Repair:

    When cracks and gaps form in your foundations, whether due to the pressures of soil and water, climate, or the weight of your own house as it settles, it is very important to have repairs made. At Direct Waterproofing we carefully repair your home’s foundations, providing stability and support, and preventing leaks from entering.

  • Basement Lowering:

    One of the problems with many people’s basements, are that the ceiling is too low to legally or functionally create a living space. Instead the basement must be used only for storage, or abandoned as nothing more than a crawl space. We offer basement lowering in North York, which can give you extra head height, and can give you the freedom to use your basement for whatever you want.

We also offer the following water control solutions in North York, which can be applied individually, or in combination with other treatments as needed.

Sump Pump Installation:

We use the latest sump pump systems to deal with extreme rainfall or flood damage which pools in your basement. They pump water outside and away from your home.

Weeping Tile Installation:

Weeping tiles are an incredibly functional piping which allows water to seep into it and away. We often install them as part of drainage and waterproofing solutions.

French Drains:

This highly effective design of drain is used when large areas of water pool in your yard. The water is allowed to drain into a weeping tile, and is carried away.

Window Well Installation:

Your may notice leaks or damp patches around your basement windows. This can be due to blocked or badly made window wells. We can unblock or repair your current system, or install a new window well which will safely drain water away.

Why Choose Direct Waterproofing North York?

With so many waterproofing services available in North York, Direct Waterproofing can take care of any of your water or damp related problems, with an unmatched confidence and experience. Our free consultation will allow you to understand the options that can best help you. In no time at all our team will have your basement and foundations fixed and free of damp.

We are happy to provide a 25 year warranty on all of our work, so you can be sure that when you work with us you are getting the best service available. Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange a free consultation.

Our highly trained team have over 25 years experience in the waterproofing industry. We work with only the highest grade materials to provide a lasting finish that will keep your home and basement dry for life. We apply effective solutions at an extremely competitive price.
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