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If you are experiencing a leaky or damp basement, or you want to protect your home with interior or exterior waterproofing solutions, Direct Waterproofing can give you an expert service like no other. We are experts in waterproofing and foundation repair, and have over 25 years experience helping the people of Aurora to live a life that is free from damp.

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Why Might You Need Waterproofing Services?

Many people choose to overlook a leak or damp patch in their basement, but this is never a wise idea. The water is coming from somewhere, and it’s going to keep on coming until you do something about it. DIY solutions can provide temporary relief, but if you want any sort of long lasting solution that actually solves the damp issue itself, professional help is the place to look.

Over time, water damage can wear down and damage foundations, cause unhealthy mold problems in your home, and render a room completely useless. It is important to solve any problems that arise, and also to adequately waterproof your home so that water damage doesn’t reoccur.

What Waterproofing Services Are Available In Aurora?

Direct Waterproofing offer a full range of waterproofing services in Aurora. The process begins with a free consultation, which allows us to assess the situation, and discuss everything with you before we begin. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Exterior Waterproofing:

    If you are looking for the best solution to keep your basement permanently dry, then exterior waterproofing is it. We waterproof the outside walls to stop water even touching them, and install drainage to carry it away.

  • Interior Waterproofing:

    Interior waterproofing is a popular solution in Aurora, because it is accessible and highly effective at dealing with basement water. Delta membrane and drains help to carry water out and away from your home, leaving your basement dry and comfortable.

  • Foundation Repair:

    If you have cracks or gaps in your foundations, Direct Waterproofing can make the repairs to fill them in. This will stop water coming in, and will also provide additional structural support.

  • Basement Lowering:

    Basement lowering is a technique in which your floor and foundations are lowered in order to give more head height in your basement. This allows you to use the room for a better function, such as an office or bedroom.

  • Sump Pump Installation:

    Sump pumps are a highly efficient solution that is combined with drainage in order to deal with large amounts of rain water or flood damage in your basement. It can be a game changer for anyone who needs it!

  • Backflow Prevention:

    We can prevent backflow by installing backflow prevention devices to your pipes. This stops any waste water or sewage coming back up your pipes and into your basement.

Direct Waterproofing In Aurora

If you need help with any leak or damp problem in your basement, or you want to have one of the most experienced companies in Aurora waterproof your home, contact us today. We offer a 25 year warranty on all of our work, so you can be sure that your waterproofing will last, and your basement will remain dry for a long time to come.

Contact us today to find out more about our waterproofing services in Aurora, or to arrange a free consultation.

Our highly trained team have over 25 years experience in the waterproofing industry. We work with only the highest grade materials to provide a lasting finish that will keep your home and basement dry for life. We apply effective solutions at an extremely competitive price.
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