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At Direct Waterproofing we are able to provide you with top quality foundation repair services which are guaranteed to last. Combining the finest materials with expert professional workmanship, we offer the finest foundation repair services in Ontario.
Our foundation repair services restore your foundation walls and floors back to a sturdy and structural sound state, free from any cracks or defects that would otherwise pose a problem for leaks, damp, and the stability of your home.
We use the appropriate method to fill and seal the cracks, depending on the size and shape, and on the scope of the damage. Our methods range from professional grade sealants, to epoxy injections, and hydraulic cement for large gaps.
As well as sealing the crack effectively, we can combine foundation repair with interior and exterior waterproofing services, in order to provide long lasting protection for your home, and tackle the root problem of the structural damage.

Why is Foundation Repair Important?

The foundations of your home provide the very structure with which it stands. Damage to foundations is not good news, and although it may seem like the problem is not huge, if left untreated cracks can become bigger, and the stability of your home can become compromised.

As well as being displeasing to the eye, damage to foundations can also allow water into the property, causing further problems in the form of damp, mold, and flooding.

Our foundation repair services can restore the structural integrity of your home, and neatly reverse any damage already caused. This also provides added protection against damp and mold in the future, especially if combined with other solutions.

Foundation Repair For Walls & Floors

Foundation floors and walls can both suffer from damage from water and other causes, and require slightly different approaches in order to repair, and in order to prevent further damage in the future.

Typically, foundation floor cracks are caused by the building settling, poor drainage of the surface, or leaks coming up through the floor, as can be the case with older houses. Solutions can involve drainage systems and pumps, and weeping tiles with concrete repairs to any damage.

Damage to foundation walls can be caused by a variety of reasons, including settlement, poor construction, climate, and water damage. The solution is to apply sealants, epoxy injections, and/or hydraulic cement, and to provide drainage and waterproofing to prevent any further damage.

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What Causes Foundation Damage?

There are many reasons why foundation cracks and damage might occur. Over time, pressure from soil, climate, and water, among other reasons can cause foundation walls and floors to crack:
  • Hydraulic Cement
    This is used to cover and seal large cracks and gaps, and will be used in most cases where the damage is substantial. The cement expands once applied to the crevice, and so makes a great sealant that will keep water out, and provide stability for your home.
  • Sealant
    High quality sealant can be used in order to provide a water tight repair for small gaps and cracks in your home’s foundations.
  • Epoxy Injections
    A special kind of resin sealant is injected into the cavity of a crack or gap, and is allowed to fill the concrete with a waterproof seal that will completely stop the crack in its tracks.
  • Subsidence & Soil
    As soil and water shift downwards this can create pressure on the foundation walls. Your house will naturally settle after construction, and even this can cause damage to foundations, but further tension can come from water table levels rising and falling due to heavy rainfall, and from extreme dry patches.
  • Poor Construction
    When your home was built, it is possible that the cement mix was not perfect, or that whether conditions caused expansion and contraction, and cracking the walls. Bad workmanship can also be the culprit, especially when combined with adverse soil and climate conditions.
  • Drainage Problems
    Leaky drainage, or non-existent waterproofing solutions can cause water to build up behind the foundation walls, or to collect in pools on basement floors. This can cause damage in the form of erosion and cracks.

Advantages Of Foundation Repair

Whatever methods we implement for you, the result will be the complete repair of your foundations, and a restoration of the structural integrity of your home, so you can live safely and comfortably, knowing that your foundations are in good condition, and that water won’t enter your basement via any unfortunate cracks.
  • Foundation repair ensures your home stays stable and stands the test of time.
  • No more nasty gaps or cracks visible on your interior.
  • No water leaking through damaged areas, or causing damp and mold issues.
  • Can be combined with waterproofing solutions to ensure your home always remains free from damp.
  • We offer a 25 year warranty that ensures you have total peace of mind after we repair your foundations. The damage will never come back again.

Why Choose Direct Waterproofing For Foundation Repair Toronto?

At Direct Waterproofing we take care in every job that we do. We understand that your home is important to you, and we want to make sure that it is safe and stable. Our foundation repairs are carried out in the most non-intrusive way possible by our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.

We provide foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to clients all around Ontario and the surrounding areas. Our free consultation allows clients to speak with us properly prior to any solution being applied, and also gives us an opportunity to properly assess the damage to your foundation, and offer you a no obligation quotation.

The icing on the cake is the 25 year warranty that we offer on all of our work, so you can rest knowing that your home is well protected, and will be for years to come.

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