Clogged Drain Tile

Glogged Drain Tile

There are many ways in which water can leak into your basement an cause problems. Your drainage systems, both interior and exterior, are supposed to carry water away from your home, and keep your basement free from any damp. If they are clogged, then they will not function well, and you could find yourself in trouble in the event of floods or heavy rain.

Direct Waterpoofing provide professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions. If you see any warning signs of leaks, you can contact us today for a highly effective solution. In the case of clogged drain tiles, we can unblock them using sophisticated technology, or install new weeping tiles if your pipes are highly damaged.

Your drain tiles are also known as perimeter drains, or weeping tiles. They can be used to help control the water on both the exterior of your property, where they function to prevent water pooling against your home, and the interior of your property, where they divert water out of your basement. Interior drain tiles can be combined with a sump pump if needed.

In the case that your drain tile clogs, your drains will fail to function well, and this can lead to further issues.

What To Look Out For?

Sometimes the signs of a clogged drain tile can be noticeable. You may see that water is pooling against your home, suggesting that your tiles are failing. On the interior, water may not be properly channeled, leaving you with a wet basement. If you have a sump pump, check the pit after heavy rainfall. If the water hasn’t drained then it could be a clogged drain tile.

The most effective way to know for sure whether your drain tiles are clogged, and also to identify the exact location of the blockage, is to use a video camera inspection, which we can carry out for you.

Clogged Drain Tile

If you see signs of damp in your basement, or you notice that your drains aren’t flowing, it may well be the drain tiles, and you should contact experts to find out.

Why Does This Happen?

Drains can get clogged for a number of reasons. A common cause is tree roots, which can take up hold in your drain pipes and provide a solid barrier. Debris can also get caught up in the pipes, and can completely block them over time. Older pipes may be damaged or misaligned.

In any case, the result is that water does not flow down the pipe properly, and can cause water to pool around your home or in your basement. Regular maintenance can help you to avoid any serious issues.

Clogged Drain Tile

What Solutions Are Available?

Direct Waterproofing can solve a clogged drain tile, often without the need for excavation. We can examine the pipes with a video camera and locate the source of the block. We can then use a drain snake or rooter, which is fed into the pipe to clear away any clogs. This could be a single fixture, multiple, or the main drain.

In the event that a pipe is badly damaged, we can also install new weeping tiles. We also offer perimeter drains as part of an interior or exterior waterproofing solution, to make sure water never ruins your basement again.

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