Top 3 Basement Solutions for Leaky Basement Waterproofing

As a homeowner, one of the most basic and important things to do to protect the health of your family and the value of your home is solving wet basement problems. If left unchecked, a wet basement poses a great health risk to your family and also to the value of your property. Basement moisture […]

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5 Simple Steps For Mold Removal and Basement Waterproofing.

In order to help keep your home safe, one of the most important things that you can do is to keep an eye in your basement for any signs of water or water damage. Let’s take a look at the five simple steps you need to know when it comes to mold removal and basement waterproofing.

Inspect The Area

The first thing you should do in order to keep your basement in great shape is to regularly inspect it for any signs of water present or water damage. You can do this visually by walking around your basement and taking a look at the walls as well as the ground for any dampness or any cracks. Additionally, keep in mind that mold is not uncommon to find in basements. That means you should also keep an eye out for signs of mold and contact professional as quickly as possible should you spot any. Make sure that you take note of your findings.

Check Your Gutters

Should you find mold in your basement, there might be a few things that you can try before shelling out money on professional mold removal. One of the first things that you can look at is your gutters. You want to make sure that your gutters are not clogged and that they are properly directing water away from your basement.

Buy A Dehumidifier

Another important step that you can take when it comes to fighting mold is to invest in a good dehumidifier. A good dehumidifier can help dry out your basement and create an environment that is inhospitable to mold growth.

Check Your Connections

If you have any pipes or any windows that lead to the outside in your basement, it is important to double check them to ensure that they are not letting water into your home.

Waterproof Paint

Once you have successfully dried out your basement, you can now try other waterproofing methods like waterproof paint. This can help keep your basement dry and mold free.

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Main Causes of Wet Basements

Main Causes of Wet Basements

The history of flooding in Canada includes floods caused many natural causes with most home insurance claims in Canada deal with water damage due to sewer back-up, not fire related damage. Muddy basements can be a real problem to manage. But the best action to take when stuck with a wet basement is calling in basement professionals immediately. Dry walls can easily be damaged by excessive moisture in the basement. Not only dry walls, but the carpeting can also be damaged, and framework saturation may follow as a result. You can prevent the situation from getting worse in the future by correcting this problem immediately.

Causes to Look Out For

If you want to protect yourself from a wet basement occurrence, you should understand what the causes of damp basements are. Although, there are several things that cause this mishap, there are a few common reasons why it occurs.

Excessive Condensation

Moisture retention in the basement area can be due to condensation on foundation walls or water pipes. Water damage to carpets, corrosion on appliances, and severe deterioration of the quality of air in your basement can be the result of constant dampness and drip. This problem can be dealt with quickly. What it will only involve is airing out and cleaning up of the basement area, and installing of a dehumidifier. The situation can be properly inspected by a basement waterproofing and wet basement specialist. And the professional can also offer the best advice.

Rain Runoff Mayhem

Although condensation causes wet basement problems inside the home, runoff rain problems do happen when the diversion of rainwater is not adequate or when melted snow that is outside your home gets into the basement area. Rain runoff and seepage issues are the usual causes of most basement repairs. But you can save the situation and prevent this problem from recurring in the future by using a full and thorough basement waterproofing. You should immediately call your local contractors the very moment you discover that runoff is getting into your home.

Ground Water Issues

In some cases, the basement area may seem to remain wet regardless of the weather outside. In a situation like that, there’s a high possibility that your ground water level is high, and this causes the wet basement problem. While there are drying solutions to explore, they will involve several complicated procedures like installations of a sump pump, perimeter drains, and so on. This issue can only be handled adequately by a licensed contractor. In this kind of situation, exterior repair and waterproofing may be your best option. Other options include injections of epoxy crack and polyurethane.


It is also possible that a clogged gutter drain in your roof causes all the water to flow right into your basement area. You can correct this problem by cleaning up the gutters and allowing the downspouts to drain at least 4 feet or so away from the home.

If you are battling with any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Direct Waterproofing – a professional team of basement waterproofing experts.

3 Major Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to moisture entering into your basement, there are a number of different reasons that could be behind the intrusion.

Diagnose the Problem

One of the main benefits of hiring professionals to help you in your waterproofing needs is the experience that they bring to the table. Because there are a wide variety of issues that could lead to your basement experiencing leaks or flooding, it is a good idea to get the advice of an experienced professional before making any decisions. Doing so will ensure that you find the root cause of the problem and are able to treat because itself rather than merely a symptom. This helps guarantee that any solution you receive is one that is tailored to your specific needs.

Prevent Damage

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is waiting to waterproof their basements until after damage has already been done. Playing defense instead of taking an offensive position only ensures that you will end up spending more money than necessary to maintain the structural integrity of your home. When you work to prevent issues from ever occurring in the first place, however, you will find yourself in a much better financial position. Working with a professional waterproofing team helps ensure that you avoid costly issues before they occur.

Peace of Mind

Finally, working with a professional team of waterproofing specialists will help you live in your home without fear. You will no longer be worried about flooding or about structural damage, for example, which gives you more time to think about the things they love doing.

For more information about the major benefits of basement waterproofing, contact Direct Waterproofing – Basement Waterproofing Toronto today and speak with one of our experienced professionals.

Diagnosing and Repairing Your Leaky Basement

Diagnosing and Repairing Your Leaky Basement

A perfect basement can be considered as a great asset to any home. It offers some more space that can be converted into an extra bedroom, a game room, home office, or home theater. It can also significantly raise the resale value of any home.

However, if excess moisture finds your basement as a safe haven, it will decrease the value of your home as well as become a wasted and unsafe space for your family. Your leaky basement must first be diagnosed and fixed if you want to transform your wet basement into the finished basement of your dreams. You would learn secret tips and tricks to determine where and how your basement leaks if you keep reading on.

Issue #1: Mustiness

A sign of high humidity and moisture in your basement is a musty odor. This odor is directly caused by mold! Mold comes from the presence of moisture and organic material!

You can alleviate a musty basement, and the best way to go about it is by removing water vapor from the room with an energy-efficient dehumidifier. In the summer, your basement can be kept cooler and dryer by air conditioning and proper sealing.

Issue #2: Leaky Pipes

When the pipes in your basement show signs of “sweating;” they may even drip water. This is caused by condensation, and the best way to remove it is by asking an expert to insulate the pipes. Furthermore, if there are holes in your basement wall to allow access to pipes or wires, these holes can often be a perfect gateway for water to get into your basement. A unique polymer can be used to seal such holes. This polymer creates a secure bond and helps to block moisture.

Issue #3: Wall-Floor Joint Wetness

Many homes that have leaky basements also have a buildup of excess moisture wall-floor joint. This is where the wall meets the floor. This particular accumulation of moisture often results from torrential rains, an ineffective gutter or sump pump system, an improper slope of a house, or some other factors. To fix this type of leaky basement permanently, call in a basement professional to install a system that will gather the excess water and pump it out of harm’s way.

Issue #4: Wall Condensation

When you touch your basement walls, do they feel damp? Can you visibly observe moisture building up on the walls and windows? Is the smell of your basement musty and does your basement show signs of mildew? If all your answers are yes, you should take immediate action. Although you can install a dehumidifier system to eliminate excess moisture in the air, this is not sufficient most times. There are cases where basement walls require a moisture barrier covering that functions as a vapor barrier to limit moisture in the room. Removing excess moisture will make your basement more livable as well as make your entire home less susceptible to mold and mildew, and make it a safer place for your family.

Issue #5: Cracks in the Floor

In some cases, there are cracks in basement floors and they allow water to enter easily in and spoil the integrity of the room. An unevenly-settled foundation is the most frequent cause of a cracked basement floor. To fix this issue once and for all, the owner of the home will have first to diagnose the cause and then repair the foundation (if it is necessary).

After that, the homeowner will have to call in a basement waterproofing professional to install a drainage system and sump pump to collect and send excess water away from the home.