Direct Waterproofing Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are a highly effective method of dealing with extreme water retention in your basement. If water is pooling due to heavy rainfall, or your property is at risk from floods, then a sump pump is highly recommended in order to channel the water outside effectively. Sump pumps may also be used to increase the effectiveness of drainage systems such as weeping tiles.

At Direct Waterproofing Ontario, we provide high class installation of the latest and greatest sump pump systems to keep your home dry and free from damage, even in extreme conditions. Direct Waterproofing can help you to solve any leak or damp problem in your basement or foundations.
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What Are The Signs That You Need A Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are a highly effective solutions in the case of floods, and can channel excessive water out of your home quickly. They are also useful for dealing with extra water flow from weeping tiles in the case of very heavy rainfall.

If pools of water ever gather in your basement, then a sump pump installation would be highly beneficial for you. Those who really need a sump pump, will probably already know about it!

As well as being incredibly useful for dealing with extreme conditions, sump pumps can be integrated with weeping tile drainage systems in order to make them more effective, or can be added to other waterproofing solutions as a fail safe. We might suggest this to your basement suffers bad leaks of pools of water.

Direct Waterproofing Sump Pump Installation
  • Reduce water and flood damage.

  • Highly effective way to manage water, and make sure you never have pools in your basement.

  • Immediate solution that is effective even in extreme conditions.

  • Can make a space you thought was impossible to manage livable again!

  • Cost effective solution that requires little work for great results.

How Does Sump Pump Installation Work?

The sump pump installation process is relatively straightforward, although it requires a technical approach. We use the latest sump pump systems which are more reliable than ever, and pump water quickly out of your basement.

We can work with your current drainage systems, or can install new ones. These drains will lead water towards the sump pump, which will be positioned at the lowest spot in the basement, so that water will easily flow towards it. A sump pit is often installed along with the pump, which helps to collect the water in the right place, while protecting the pump from clogging up with debris.

The sump pump can be installed at or below ground level, depending on what is suitable for your home, and what is preferable for you. Pumps beneath the ground are well concealed, but access for maintenance is more difficult, and the costs can be greater.

Once installed, the system is sealed airtight, and water will flow through the drainage, into the sump pit, and be taken out of your home by the sump pump.

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Direct Waterproofing For Sump Pump Installation In Ontario

Direct Waterproofing provide astounding effective waterproofing and water management solutions in Ontario. Our sump pump installation comes with a 25 year warranty, and we use the highest grade of pump system and drainage to create an effective solution that relieves you from the stresses of flood and rain damage. You can get back to enjoying your home again!

We offer a free consultation in order to assess your situation, and discuss the possible treatments with you. Contact us today to find out more. With over 25 years experience fixing basement leaks, Direct Waterproofing are the experts to contact in Ontario.
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