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Cost of exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing entails excavating a house or building to its foundation's full depth. Excavation is crucial because it clears the foundation of the soil and debris, allowing contractors to work effectively. Our experts will waterproof the basement from the outside by fitting a waterproof membrane. They will also install a drainage panel that allows water to flow to an exterior drain situated at the foot of the foundation. The cost of exterior basement waterproofing will depend on several factors, including the extent of damage, depth of the trench, and the ease of access to the foundation. The typical cost of exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto is $100 per linear foot.

Cost of interior basement waterproofing

Unlike exterior basement waterproofing which is done from outside the house, interior basement waterproofing is done from inside the building. Interior basement waterproofing is ideal for situations where it is impractical to access the exterior foundation to install waterproofing materials. Interior waterproofing is more cost-effective than exterior waterproofing. Our professional waterproofing experts use quality materials like epoxy injections and sealants, waterproof membranes, and a drain connected to a sump pump. The cost of interior waterproofing varies depending on the materials used and the work involved. The typical cost of interior waterproofing is $65 per linear foot. Combining a waterproof membrane and a sump pump system keeps the basement entirely dry.

Average cost of basement waterproofing

Exterior basement

Price range $100-300

The only sure way of keeping your basement dry is exterior waterproofing. Our experts will do a significant amount of digging to expose the foundation. They will repair...


Interior basement

Price range $70-350

If it is impractical to dig up the foundation and waterproof your basement from the outside, our experts will waterproof the basement from the inside. Interior...


Foundation Crack

Price range $1600-3200

Cracks may appear on the foundation and the basement wall. The ideal crack repair method will depend on the size and the type of crack. A crack can either be...


Window Well

Price range $1700-3800

Properly installed window wells could protect your home from leaks. They are an excellent way of ensuring that no water enters the foundation. A window well collects...


Sump Pump

Price range $560-3500

Since your sump pump was first installed in your home, you probably haven't given it much thought. You should start considering a sump pump installation...



In many homes, the basement is one of the most neglected parts. This isn't a surprise because many homeowners have no reason to enter their unfinished basements. Maintaining a dry basement is crucial because it affects your home's overall health. A wet basement could be a breeding ground for mould, which could lead to unsafe living conditions. A wet basement could also weaken your home's structural integrity. Even a seemingly minor basement leakage could cause extensive damage, leading to hefty basement repair costs. Maintaining a dry basement raises the resale value of your home. When selling your home, you have to disclose any instances of basement flooding, which could greatly lower your home's value.

Now that you understand why it's crucial to maintain a dry basement, you might be wondering about the cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto. Waterproofing costs will depend on several factors that are unique to your basement. At Direct Waterproofing, we provide a variety of waterproofing options that suit our clients' unique needs. Our experts are happy to work with clients to find the best basement waterproofing option within their budget.

Many homeowners have the impression that a damp basement is normal because they grew up in homes with unfinished basements. However, if you want to preserve the structural integrity of your home, you should invest in basement waterproofing. At Direct Waterproofing, we are committed to finding affordable solutions for our customers. We understand how important basement waterproofing is to the health of your home.

Factors which influence on the final basement waterproofing cost

Interior basement waterproofing is the most cost-effective waterproofing solution. It involves the use of a perforated drain pipe, which is installed at the perimeter of the footing. Our experts have to remove and replace the concrete at the slab edge during an interior waterproofing project. A drainage pipe is then placed beneath the slab to drain water. The drainage pipe connects to a sump pump, just like in exterior basement waterproofing. Dimpled plastic sheeting is a crucial component of this waterproofing approach. The dimpled sheeting allows the free drainage of the wall into a drainpipe. Compared to the alternative, highly specialized drainage channel systems, a dimpled plastic sheet is more cost-effective.

Moisture problems and seepage are common in crawlspaces and basements in Toronto and the GTA. Leaks are dangerous to your home because they could compromise its comfort and safety. Without proper interior waterproofing, your basement could be at risk, especially if you live in a wet area of Toronto. Is the cost of basement waterproofing really worth it? Yes, basement waterproofing and crack repair services from Direct Waterproofing will help you maintain a clean and moisture-free home. A small leak could escalate and cause basement flooding, consequently damaging your belongings and causing mould growth. You should not allow a basement leak to escalate into an issue that is much more expensive to repair.

  • Waterproofing method
    The cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto will depend on the waterproofing method you choose. Compared to interior waterproofing, exterior basement waterproofing is more expensive. When choosing between interior and exterior basement waterproofing, you should not just focus on the cost. Instead, you should seek counsel from experienced waterproofing experts on the best option for your home. Even if it's more costly, exterior basement waterproofing provides a permanent solution for basement leaks. Cheaper alternatives like waterproof paints and sealants are not as effective as exterior waterproofing. You should consider the practicality and the benefits of each waterproofing method before choosing the right approach.
  • Waterproofing materials
    The cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto will depend on the waterproofing materials to be used. The ideal materials will depend on whether your house needs interior or exterior waterproofing or just a simple foundation crack repair. Our experts at Direct Waterproofing will inspect your building and advise you on the best materials and their applicable costs. We will work within your budget and provide the best solution for your leaky basement. Waterproofing materials used in interior waterproofing projects include epoxy injections and sealants, waterproofing membrane, and a drain connected to a sump pump. Exterior waterproofing involves using materials like waterproof membranes and drainage panels.
  • Foundation depth
    Whether you choose interior or exterior basement waterproofing, the depth of the foundation will influence the overall cost of the waterproofing method. A deeper foundation calls for additional labour and materials, which translates to a higher cost. This explains why exterior waterproofing is more costly than interior waterproofing. Working on a deep foundation from outside requires more labour and excavation. The depth of most foundations ranges between five and eight feet. Typically, experts excavate foundations up to four feet below the frost line. When foundations are deeper than this, they often have window wells to enhance ease of access. You will incur higher waterproofing costs for a deeper foundation.
  • Foundation Reinforcement
    Our experts will determine if there are leaks in the basement and their cause before waterproofing your basement. It's not always easy to determine if a crack or a leak in your basement is a minor problem that is easy to fix or it's a complicated project that could lead to bigger safety issues. Our experts will evaluate your foundation and determine whether it needs a simple crack repair or foundation reinforcement. For minor issues, our waterproofing experts may recommend easy and cost-effective solutions like epoxy injections. However, if the damage is extensive and calls for foundation reinforcement, you will incur a much higher cost.
  • Labor and installation
    The labor and installation costs will vary depending on the size of the waterproofing project. It will also depend on how long it takes to complete the waterproofing project. Some installation methods are more costly. You will incur higher labour and installation costs for an exterior waterproofing project than an interior waterproofing project. An exterior waterproofing project calls for more labour and time to fix the leaky foundation issues. At Direct Waterproofing, we price our services fairly. We work with our clients to provide the best waterproofing services within their budget.
  • Additional accessories
    The basement waterproofing cost will also depend on the additional accessories required to drain water from the basement. The cost of additional accessories is not included in the linear foot cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto. The additional accessories that are required to waterproof the basement include backwater valves and sump pump installation. Our experts at Direct Waterproofing will advise you on all the additional accessories required to keep your basement dry. We have worked on numerous waterproofing projects, and we understand all the aspects of effective basement waterproofing. We will recommend the right accessories for your basement.

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