Basement Drainage Systems

Basement Drainage Systems

Basement drainage systems are essential to controlling the flow of water, and can be used in conjunction with interior and exterior waterproofing in order to give you a full system that will keep your basement free from damp.

Why Are Drainage Systems Used?

Water can pool against your home during heavy rainfall, or can run down your wall and cause too much groundwater pressure against your walls. Exterior drainage systems can be installed in order to prevent this from happening.

Leaks and damp can also find its way into the inside of your basement via various points of entry, or through the walls themselves. With our interior basement drainage systems this water can be properly controlled, and channeled discreetly out of your home, and away from the property. The systems can be used to ensure that water never pools in your basement or foundation walls.

We can install drainage systems as a stand along water control solution, or as part of an overarching waterproofing solution.


What Basement Drainage Systems Are Used?

At Direct Waterproofing, we only install premium quality basement drainage systems that will provide proper water control, and keep your home free from problems for decades to come. We can install:



We use weeping tiles to install systems that sit below your basement floor, and collect and channel water that gathers in your walls. The drains carry water out of your home. In some cases, the drainage can be combined with a sump pump in order to get rid of water quickly in extreme events. In any case, it is usually wise to have delta membrane installed on the walls to facilitate the drainage systems.


We can use a very similar drainage system on the outside of your home, in combination with exterior waterproofing. Weeping tiles are installed around the perimeter of your foundation footings, to collect water and stop it from pooling against your home. These drainage systems are highly effective, as they stop the water before it gets to the inside.


The final drainage system that we tend to work with, are french drains. Again, weeping tiles are utilized, as these give the best results for collecting and draining water. If water happens to pool in a certain place in your yard on your property, we dig a trench and install the french drain systems that can carry water away.

Direct Waterproofing For Basement Drainage Systems

Direct Waterproofing can install the highest quality basement drainage system. Using our expertise and over 25 years experience, we can diagnose problem areas, and come up with options that will improve your basement, and your home. The aim is to help you live a life that is free from damp, and our top quality basement drainage systems are just one way that we accomplish it.

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