Weeping Tile with Sock

Weeping Tile with Sock

Polytubes Perforated Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Tubing with Sock Filter For Subdrainage Applications. The Sock filter is a seamless, knitted polyester filter that is used to prevent blockage of the pipe in sandy or silty soils. In fine sandy and silty soils, unprotected drainage tubing is apt to be blocked by a build-up of soil particles in the drains leading to failure of art or all of the system. Whenever subsurface drainage tubing is installed in soils featuring small particle sizes, filtered tubing should be used. Perforated Weeping Tile with Filter is availble in 4″x100′ , 4″x164′, 4″x250′, and 6″x100′ dimensions.

Direct Waterproofing Exterior Weeping Tile Installation

Features and Benefits

  • The Tubing is corrugated for maximum strength, yet it is light in weight and flexible for ease of handling and installation.It can be cut to size on the spot for a custom fit every time.
  • Once installed, it resists both corrosion and abrasion in most applications for dependable performance.
  • The corrugated design adds strength to resists the pressure of burial in the ground. Extra durability is provided by the material itself. The plastic is inert so it is practically indestructible, even in corrosive environments.
  • Tubing is available as standard non-perforated pipes, perforated pipes and perforated pipes with SOCK filter for areas where fine soils present a clogging problem.

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